Next May I ask the second part of the horror game “Layers of Fear”

Announced Studio development “Blooper Team” for the launch of the second part of the horror game “Layers of Fear”, in the twenty-second of May next, through the official account of the game on the social networking site “Twitter”.

Pointed studio to that the game will be available for the current generation of home appliances “PlayStation 4” was Xbox and also personal computer.

The studio development has been declared earlier than the 2018 cooperation with the development company The “Gun Media” to develop the second part of the play of the horror, to be issued in the same year, but was postponed the version for the current year, referred to the first part of the game was released in the year 2016.

The events of the game

Layers of FearLayers of Fear

And the events of the game about a painter, a talented young psychotic, he married pianist gave birth to a baby, after the passage of time he became addicted to drink, and began to his talent faded and strained, because of his drinking and ill-treated him stay away from his friends and his wife, who was in after the fire incident caused the distortion is horrible, but survived the treatment.

After that incident he brought his wife and his daughter to his house to take care of them, but continued in the East and the sugar that was beating through his wife pushed his wife to commit suicide cutting her wrists. P the campaign, described the young painter to a state of madness reached out to take the six parts of his wife for the greatest of his paintings, where he used her skin like a live, to the marrow of her bones as the background, and her blood is in color, making her hair brush, and used her finger in the smudge, and her eyes as superior.

The game’s three different endings, the end assembly complete panel looks like his wife works as a masterpiece hanging in a room on the top floor after realizing the terrible mistakes committed by the US, and the bad ones that in which the plate his wife and child before her death, distorted throw them in a room full of like that start to press it, and finish the last where he puts his child in the painting and his actions.

The key role of the player in how to accomplish the masterpiece for his wife, offers his players during the task, a number of challenges and puzzles that you must solve, it might seem to the player that the area is clear at the outset, but what if it starts playing takes the house and the surrounding environment change.

The game is divided into six stages, each stage includes several elements to help the player in completing the task, during the completion of the painting is revealed to the player aspects of the life history of the painter, and shows by playing a message that is collected with each other, clarify the origin of the painting and the mystery of the painter.

“Rafael Basal” member of the team Studio development about the game: “we wanted to come up with a new perspective to horror games in the game the Layers of Fear, by presenting the central figure of the changing world around her away from reality and grappling with madness”.

He pointed out that the development team at the studio “Blooper Team” faced many challenges in making a game of this genre of video game horror, which is characterized by making a terrifying world without resorting to the enemies of the zombies noticing you, or the positions of the terrifying abruptness.

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