Next June.. put phone Galaxy S10 5G in European markets and

It was South Korea and the United States the first two states get a copy of the phone Galaxy S10 5G of style, the new flagship of Samsung, the company confirmed by that the device will come out in some other countries during summer, he has now confirmed that version Galaxy S10 5G in Britain will be put in the June 7 rule, as the first European state.

Companies Vodafone and EE are the ones which will begin selling the device in June 7, will networks, 5G mobile phones coming soon in UK, and it will be the Galaxy S10 5G also available for purchase from the store Samsung on the internet, it is worth mentioning that in addition to the support of the 5G gets to those who bought this machine also has a four rear cameras and bigger battery and larger screen and ship faster.

Confirmation of the release date of the Galaxy S10 5G

موعد طرح هاتف Galaxy S10 5G في الأسواق الأوروبية والعربيةDate ask Phone Galaxy S10 5G in European markets and

Confirmed Vodafone already that the 5G network will be launched in seven cities on July 3, the already mentioned company EE to the second half of 2019 will see the launch of the to 5G, in this way, it will be the phone in the hands of customers already by the time of the operation of the network of the fifth generation, begins pre-orders on May 22, will Galaxy S10 5G soon to France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

Company is working Samsung with mobile companies local in these countries to start the Galaxy S10 5G in the next month, and carriers and not in those states Deutsche Telekom, EE, orange, and stores in Sunrise, Swisscom, Tim, Telefónica, pricing information and availability has not been announced yet, customers in the United Kingdom on this information as soon as you open pre-orders next week, definitely can get a phone from one of those states or wait until asked in the Arab markets, which may be in the month of July next.

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