Next June I put up the second part of the game “Super Mario maker”

Announced the Japanese company Nintendo – a leading video game development – the launch of the second part of the game Super Mario maker the end of next June, the announcement came over the platform display its news exclusive Nintendo Direct, the company also announced that the new version will be provided via platform Nintendo switch only, are available for the game on home appliances and personal computers.

The Japanese company has revealed in February, officially on the second part of the game Super Mario maker, so after the success of the game, which was released in 2015 cross-platform My Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

Highlights of the show video promo for the second part of the game that the new version upgraded version and the previous version, which aims at the development stages of construction and shared with friends through the engine Nintendo switch.

The promotion also added a number of nurses and plugins to help players in building their and share them with friends, and the facilities added in the second part the possibility to use the finger in the completing stages, rather than relying on the electronic pen, is full as is the case in the previous section.

It is recalled that the first part of the game Super Mario maker issued in December 2015, which came after 23 years of the first version of the game Italian plumber Super Mario has achieved sales of about 1.88 million copies in just two months.

And the idea of the game Super Mario maker for the opportunity for players to showcase their creativity and skills in design, by allowing them to design their own in the game, plus it allows players to post their designs online for use by other players.

Allow the game to allocate the sound effects and visual for each stage of the game that exceed the 100 stage, by shaking the sheet music during the creation of the stage which moves in turn to the block prom, this feature allows players to arrange the songs,

And available the game Super Mario maker with more than 50 people from the amiibo of a personal trainer – Kirby – link – Wii fit, as can the player get enemies mustachioed using Big Mario.

Watch the video below to see the nurses and addenda that tell us the developer in the new part of the game Super Mario maker.

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