News on the sidelines : week 8-15 February

Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش : الأسبوع 8-15 فبراير

Report: Samsung will copy the feature name iPhone X in S9

Report for ETNews that the Samsung S9 medium detected after 10 days you will come up with a similar money AniMoji your iDevice iPhone X “faces animated three-dimensional”, the report said that the water would be “made by Samsung” the distinguishing feature of the phone because Apple promoted within the advantages of the depth Camera, the came Samsung S9 with a-LIKE without the depth camera, it is a challenge for Apple. It is reported that the S9 is expected to be the primary focus of the cameras, especially the background where you will the public to provide a Lens Aperture of f/1.5 and this beats all of the competitors almost at this point.

Report: Google equipped Android to copy the design of iPhone X

The report revealed the newspaper Bloomberg famous that Google is currently undertaking modifications to the system Android support protrusion of the screen like in the iPhone X. The report said that the control of apple on the phone market upper makes what you are offering is a copy of other companies which pay Google to expect that the companies say Android provide camera such as provided by Apple and bump in the Android so seek to equip Android to support this in order not to be these devices, “the released” is distorted in this way companies offer Android technology such as Apple without a little order form in their phones.

Us report: voice headset Google better quality than the headset Apple

Report of the foundation “Consumer Reports” America’s most famous to select them for the Apple HomePod said they compared the sound quality with headset Google Home Max, they found that headset Google the best hand the sound quality of the Apple headset as well as headset Sonos One report said that the headphones Apple beats headphones least much in the category of price like to hear Google’s home 129$ and headphones the Amazon echo, a$ 100 while the price of Apple headset 350$ when compared with a Max of Google the same price$ 399 to miss headphone Google in sound quality

Another report: Apple headset is the dumbest headset “smart”

In the report of the institution Loup Ventures was selected headset, Apple and compare it with the headset Google, Amazon as well as hear the third of Herman work assistant Microsoft cortana explained the report, they found that Apple is the best voice (I hear Google is in testing is version Home and not Max like the previous) but the level of Intelligence, the Apple occupied the last place was the most stupid as she answered 52.3% of the questions correctly compared to 57% for Microsoft cortana and 64% Amazon echo and 801% Google home. The report did not come up negative fully referred also to the accuracy of the know Apple have focused their are the best as the presence of feature noise isolation as well as miss Apple in ease of Setup and operation for the first time and other things which make the final report says it’s offering you the best sound and easiest experience use but in the end, won’t answer your question properly.

Maintenance and replacement of the HomePod out of warranty will cost you$279 to

Apple started days ago in direct sales to hear their smart they HomePod at a price of $ 350 as well as explained the details of the maintenance and repair home? Apple has said that in case of crash and the phone is out of warranty it will cost you$ 279 to replace it or fix it. She explained to Apple that of course maintenance is free in the warranty period and the previous is maintenance after the warranty expires. The costs that Apple made it clear that clear that is formulated out of warranty you should go to Apple and pick it up or shipped for$ 20 this means that maintenance and consists of $ 300 while the new purchase consists of $ 350 and free shipping.

Team iFixit: Apple headset impossible to reform itself

Known that the iFixit team is months universally in the hardware decoder and provide ways and tips to repair self customers. The panel noted that the reform of the headset Apple HomePod is considered the future of the ordinary people and his assessment of the 1 of 10 where 10 is the easiest. They said that Apple has pasting components of fish and one of the lids which prevents his jaw even heat or chemicals. The costs they have described the fish as a tank and they said Don’t worry about it falling down because Apple paste all the content which is convergent not the past “light of course.” For gear it the sky come at a rate of A8 processor (iPhone 6s) and a storage capacity of 16 GB Bluetooth 5.0 WIFI 802.11 ac MIMO.

Watch a video of the jaw

All iPhone the next one will be with Face ID

Report of Korea that Apple decided that all iPhone Next you will include the advantage of fingerprint, face ID, both phones screen OLED or traditional LCD screens have which we mentioned several times that Apple will launch a phone of them with a screen of 6.1 inches. He said reports that Apple began to expand in its dealings with suppliers and LG will be one of the main sources as well as sharp Corporation Sharp owned Foxconn will also enter in the suppliers of Apple’s iPhone next with the aim of not happen any deficit in manufacturing and the benefits of production, as happened with X.

Amazon thinking in the establishment of the company by the company

Report noted to the WSJ that Amazon is considering the establishment of shipping companies. Relies Amazon is currently on the UPS/USPS and FedEx to send shipments to its customers. The Amazon the year before had made the base a fleet of aircraft reached 40 aircraft to use in the air cargo products of their factories in China to stores around the world directly instead of relying on other companies and had succeeded in this step, so I started thinking of the powerful within the company in the establishment of a local shipping company also.

Qualcomm rejects the purchase offer, the new $ 121 million

For the second time Qualcomm announced its refusal to view the purchase of company Broadcom at $ 121 million no account share price is 82$ and she said that this offer is less than the value used by the company. The Broadcom had previously presented the purchase price of shares a$ 70 total value of 103 million dollars and raise the demand because it is less than fair value in the perspective of the officials of Qualcomm increased the Broadcom offer to become the value of the stock 82$ ($60 in cash and $ 22 a shares) declined for the second time. It is reported that the arrow that refused to sell him to 70 and then 82$ closed in trading yesterday on the 66.5$.

Apple open the investigation into the explosion to hear the AirPod

Apple announced the opening of an investigation in a news blast to hear the AirPod Bluetooth to one of its customers in the state of Florida. The customer has complained that during the hearing some of the music found something strange which is the smoke in the sky and he said take them off out of the room to his friend and when he returned he found the sky had exploded. The client explained that he likes Apple headset and use it always, but he doesn’t imagine what was going to happen to his ear if this happens the explosion. It is part, Apple said that the investigation on the sky of exploding already started and will be disclosed results as well as communicate with the client.

Apple to surpass ASUS and become the fourth company in the laptops

A report of the centre for TrendForce that the market for laptops has grown in the year 2017 on the opposite of the expected increased hardware sales of 3.5 million units to become 164.7 million. And tried HP on the forefront of the global market and even increased its share from 22.4% to 24.3%, and Lenovo, which lost some of their share, but continued in second place with a share of 20.2%, and Dell, which fell slightly to become 15.2% was a surprise that Apple made for fifth position after increasing its stake to become 9.6% compared to 8.3% in 2016 to develop a pass which fell to their share to 9.5%. He said the centre would expect to try Apple to fourth place in 2018 also it and share again to become 10.4%

The Chrome browser starts in automatic blocking of ads annoying

In a historic decision on the fate of the internet Google has announced that as of today Thursday, February 15, will start browser Chrome in blocking annoying ads like that are running videos or pop-up ads Pop-UP or providing a countdown or fixed or even the AD size is greater than 30% of the screen for phones and other annoying ads. Google said that the goal of this is to reduce the There are customers to get the apps blocking ads, Ads Blocker which cause the blocking of the kidney for the ads than lose websites and publishers returns the physical, and so they let the webmasters to use the method of support is a gas-irritating and provided them a tool to check their ads.

Explosive news:

◉The Company issued VideoLAN the second version of the player videos famous VLC comes with support quality of 4K and 8K and 10bits and videos HDR and 360-degree, three-dimensional sound and other techniques.

◉ Announced the security researcher that found the loophole in the codes The MAC system to allow any application to record video to the police without the knowledge of the user, which means that the depicted application passwords and everything.

◉ Report noted that Apple is expected to sell 100 million phones with the iPhone at least their price is the LCD screen size of 6.1 inches.

◉ Apple has to allocate a page at its site of virtual reality.

◉ Noted in the report that the second generation of iPhone X, which is expected to be issued after 7 months will come to my daughter’s less than the size of your current iDevice iPhone X

This is not all the things on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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