News on the sidelines : week 5-12 April

Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش : الأسبوع 8-15 فبراير

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia visits the Apple and Tim Cook

Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia visited Apple’s headquarters and met with Tim Cook leading the company and held discussions with them on joint cooperation between Saudi Arabia and the Apple and the salient points that have been modern in the development of Arabic apps and to provide organization of educational software from Apple in Saudi schools as well as Arabic content in the software store in general and mentioned some of the sites that have been talking about providing Apple training courses in America for some Saudi youth. Said Tim Cook taking the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia in the round by the new company.

Mark Zuckerberg was designed to exploit Apple pay Congress

The last few days held several hearings in Congress on the scandal involving the marketing, sale and information of tens of millions of users to the Russian government. In one of the differences s Tim a break and my diary is open and soon the reporters take pictures. Indicated the Agency “Associated Press”, they note in the notebook of the Brand Name Tim Cook who is attacking Facebook recently and next to it a note “see and hear a lot of reports that talk about miscarriage and the use of data to Apple, but we didn’t see Apple planning on users” aims to mark this to imply that what they have done is not a fatal error, but it is routinely done by companies. Is it a coincidence that forget Tim my notebook and open and again they on this page?

Enter no to allow users to analyze their data

In conjunction with the media campaign and the ongoing investigation with the company, Facebook said Instagram it will enable users to download all their data soon and will follow EU regulations also will provide standards of the new privacy of all its users around the world. But the company has not clarified when will the implementation of these promises.

Fined Apple once again half a million dollars in favor of VirnetX

Got company VirnetX on the court ruling fined Apple 502.6 billion for patent infringement in the techniques of Apple’s “FaceTime” and “I heard” and activate the VPN request. The story dates back to 2010 when Apple ad about the water here, police filed a case against Apple and got a ruling in 2012 that Apple is stealing their patents, and we have to pay 368.2 million, but happened to stop in case she returned again to become the final judgment to $ 439.7 million dollars by the end of 2017. But at the same time the company is raising a new issue that Apple in iOS 7 and iOS 8 who released in 2013-2014 after the government first continued the use of own patents and did not stop, so I released a new provision independent this week about the previous sentence but it is still subject to appeal. In this way up total fines Apple for VirnetX $ 942 million.

Screen repair iPhone 8/8+/X centers outside the Apple lead to sensitive to light

Several News reports about the existence of complaints from people who have change the screen of an iPhone 8 and 8 plus and X through the stores is not supported from Apple and they stated that the account of the light which turn off the screen during calls and in the intensity of the lighting has become is not working. Strange reports have indicated that these complaints came from different versions of iOS 11, including 11.3 as well as happened with the people did they change the screen with original ones also identified in several states. Has a team Engadget test, and they said to exchange the screen device iPhone they have any they didn’t purchase the screen is not original, but they switched screens between the devices, and were surprised by the interruption sensitive to light for work. Did not know until now is there a glitch in the sensor user or is punitive action from Apple to prevent trying to open the device outside of its stores.

Apple is trying to center its fourth in Mac sales

Noted in the report of Gartner that it did not happen changes in the ranking of manufacturer of personal computing during the first quarter of 2018, where I stayed the HP in the forefront globally with a share of 20.8% an increase of 0.8% in market share followed by Lenovo with a share of 20% versus 19.7% previously, and then the Dell that saw better improvement and reached 16% and Apple continued in the fourth the 6.9% increase in market share of 0.2%, while sales collapsed asos is global. The next photo shows the arrangement within the US market and also Apple in fourth place.

It is reported that the reports issued by the center, IDC predicted that falling Apple to fifth on the contrary the report of Gartner, which said that Apple will remain at the center of its fourth.

Apple reduced production of the HomePod after the failure in sales

Report power that Apple sent to factories request to stop or reduce the production of hear her new HomePod after the catastrophic failure happened in sales, which reached that some Apple retail stores sell less than 10 pieces a day from the sky according to the report. The Bloomberg that, after the passage of 10 weeks from the availability of fish in markets, but it has not yet been able to skip a 10% share of the market while going to the Amazon family in echo on the share of 73% of the market followed by Google with a share of 14%

All the headquarters of Apple in 43 States work card renewed

Apple officially announced it is working 100% clean energy. The company explained that all the headquarters of the company servers and data stores in 43 States are their Apple battery clean or renewable as it is called. The company explained that 23 the plant of its suppliers are currently working on the transition to renewable energies “like wind and other” and exploitation of electricity produced from nuclear reactors or petroleum. It is reported that there is a global campaign now to stop the oil assault on clean energy, only a dozen States decided to build this and provide support to companies that operate in this area as well as approved laws to prevent the sale of cars with petrol starting from 2030-2040, according to the state. And Apple is one of the first companies globally in the area of the environment.

Apple launches iPhone 8/8+ in red-in the campaign against AIDS RED

Apple announced the launch of version RED of iPhone 8 and 8 plus as well as several wrap an iPhone X and update several products within the organization. It is reported that the RED is directly medical world and aims to fight HIV / AIDS in the world, especially Africa include The your Apple in this initiative since 2006 across several products highlighted in red are donating a portion of its revenue. Described, the total contribution of Apple to $ 160 million to become the largest company globally in contributing to this field. And devices RED the same price traditional. Watch the video trailer published by Apple also in conjunction with the launch of the phones (video lyric):

Apple set a leadership precedent in Amazon, Google and HP as Vice President for the

Apple has appointed Jon parking at the Vice-President of Apple for the software. John had previously worked at Amazon as the head of technology CTO devices before that, he was head of development systems in the HP before that, he was a lead at Google. And is Amazon the longest in the history of the John and he was also the Vice President of Amazon’s systems for Kindle devices.

Rumor: Apple will launch the iPhone’s camera trilogy

He claimed the report of the centre for UDN to the senior category in the iPhone next year will reduce the Huawei P20 comes with a camera three. The report explained that Apple aims to provide the camera 12-megapixel with Optical Zoom 5x vs camera X current that provides optical zoom 2x only. It is reported that Huawei has provided P20 Pro, which scooped the title of best camera phone in the world by a large margin for all the companies it offers a camera of three and installation of 5x hybrid “a cross between optical and digital”.

Apple will announce the Mac Pro a whole new world next

In the interview between the number of managers of the sectors of the company Apple has been a question on the Apple device is the Mac Pro which was the most important and the largest company before the release of the iMac Pro. There are a lot of questions about it and will Apple update or will it be a high percentage of iMac which is twice the price of the Pro. A response of the Deputy Head of Apple sector gear to said that there is a Mac Pro coming, but not this year it will be is a general rule 2019. He explained that the team are working heavily on this machine because it not only includes the development of in gear but will re-design The device entirely. He said they are working on offering something special to customers Pro be professional and is now working on understanding their needs to better assess the new device.

Report: 82% of teenagers in America have an iPhone

Report to Piper Jaffray and they are specialized in the research, teens that 82% of teenagers in America have an iPhone which is a number more than 4% from another research company that has been the end of last year. The report pointed out that the women is likely to further increase, 84% indicated that their phone next iPhone also any all the current will choose will have users of other systems.

The Apple Watch also got improved in its popularity amid the young American has stepped up to second after a Rolex

Explosive news:

◉ Has been sent to summon Tim Cook to testify before the court in the case of Qualcomm in the meeting of 27 June.

◉ Stopped Apple’s registered iOS system 11.2.6 thus closing the possibility of returning to this system.

◉ Launched Facebook new feature in Instagram called the Focus of an Imaging System new support photography portraiture and is isolated the person being photographed from the background and Blur.

◉ Apple has raised the Oliver Schusser to the position in charge of the music service Apple around the world.

◉ Apple sent a reminder to the developers of the Mac that should support 64Bit in their apps and started to show a warning to the developers that this app needs update. Just as it did in iOS

◉ Report revealed that Apple will stop old applications to work in a previous release watch OS 5.0 the end of the year.

This is not all the things on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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