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Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش : الأسبوع 12-19 أبريل

Apple unveils Daisy robot new decoding devices

In conjunction with Earth Day celebration the world, Apple announced that it will offer a donation “did not disclose the value of His” the occasion, as well as announced that Daisy is a new generation of robots your Apple which you disassemble iPhone. Apple has said it in 2016 revealed about Liam, which was the first generation of this type came to Daisy to replace him and use the parts of Liam. Apple has said that the “Daisy” possesses the ability to dismantle 200 iPhone previously and can differentiate between 9 different types of iPhone and hence after decoding all of them compile the internal parts separately for each of them.

Apple making fun of Google and Android, in the videos advertising

Apple posted last week’s video of the same teen make fun of its competitors; the first was for a feature Protrait Lighting which is bragged by Apple on photography portraiture traditional in other devices. And the second video about the stores software “means the Google” and there are apps tricky to steal data or performing functions secret is that appear in front of you and advised to move to the iPhone.

Report: LG can’t provide the Apple only 20% of the OLED screens required

A report by the Wall Street Journal WSJ that LG is facing a lot of technical obstacles to manufacture OLED screens that you need Apple’s currently an iPhone X and X Plus medium chests after 5 months. The report said that despite the support that you get LG from Apple but they can’t catch amounts of target it is expected to sell Apple’s 100 million iPhone by the end of 2018, half of this amount at least you need OLED screens. According to the report is expected to provide LG Apple by 20% of the screens required are handled by the Samsung door that turns it next year and LG gradually until you reach full recognition.

Less may launch SE2 next month and the audio port

A report of Macotakara that Apple intends to launch iPhone SE2 next month directly. The report came accustomed to some of the largest makers of covers of iPhone who said that SE2 will come with the same design SE the first generation, but with the adjustment of a single in the design is to cancel the audio port. The report said that Apple may add NFC to enable Apple Pay but at the same time they ruled out providing the Apple company wireless.

An Apple falling to sixth in the report best laptop for 2018

The report revealed expectations of laptops, LapTop to 2018 for the decline in computers Apple for sixth place after a fifth place last year. One Lenovo the lead and was able to HP progress center two to become the second. I got the Apple in the ratings on 72 points divided by 33 of the 40 reviews and 11 of 15 in design, and 19 of 20 in the support 3 of 10 innovation and 6 of 15 in value.

Amazon start to provide the service of delivery within the automotive

Amazon announced the availability of the Add new delivery service within the house also known as the Amazon Key which rely on cameras and locks smart you can control it remotely, which released 6 months ago. New feature is the plug inside the car where you can request a shipment and put it inside your car securely as you Amazon. The service works in some parts of America only and on some types of cars such as versions of 2015 and the latest from Chevy, Buick and GMC and Cadillac and Volvo

The share of X decreases to 16% of sales of the iPhone

A report of the centre for CIBR to share iPhone X sales in the first quarter of 2018, the actual “January-February-March” fell from 20% last quarter to 16%, while the share improved iPhone 8 and 8 Plus with to become 44% compared with 41% the previous quarter. And Match Report with a lot of other reports that talked about the decline of the popularity X and waiting for a lot of people expected the next generation.

Clients of X are satisfied with everything in their several Siri actors

In a recent survey included 1746 users iPhone X and ask them about several things and feel good about it in the iPhone of their own or not came positive at all points except for one. More than 90% of them are happy with their design of the iPhone and its speed and the quality of the screen images and FaceID, battery life and other things but when the question about Siri announced only 20% respondents are satisfied while the announced 80% of them that Siri failed and unhappy with the results.

Amazon provides a special version of Dot for kids

Amazon announced the new version of Echo Dot targeting children mainly come at the price of $ 80. A copy of the children Come design close to the Dot traditional, but the design more able to control as well as includes several benefits, such as subscription for a year in the FreeTime which offers 300 audio book for children and many programs, acoustics of children’s channels such as Disney, nickolodean. The sky will be available for sale as of May 9 next.

The arrival of the users of the iOS system 11 to 76%

Apple announced the arrival of the proportion of users of iOS 11 to 76% of the users of its devices to increase 11% during the last three months. Share fell iOS 10 to become just 19% while there is a 5% Use the older systems”by a year and a half.” Improved rate of use of iOS 11 helps developers focus more on providing special benefits not available to su and they stop supporting the older systems, especially before iOS 10 because it is less than 5%. Statistical issued on 22 April

The arrival of the Android system users to oreo to 4.6%

Google unveiled a significant improvement in the proportion of use of their systems later as the number of users of the oreo “8” to 4.6%. One system we draw the lead as the most operating system popular with a share of 30.8% follows a marshmallow 26%. It is reported that these figures mean that 35.4% of Android devices and operating systems released in the last year and a half which is the development and unprecedented in the Android.

You can’t compare with Apple in this matter but the comparison with my past Android show significant improvement and noticeable.

Apple replacement battery MacBook Pro 13 defective

Apple announced find it on a technical glitch in the card of your device Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch “without the Touch Strip” which was manufactured in the period between October 2016 to October 2017. Announced a program to replace the battery for has the devices defective and provided the website to check the serial number of your device in the case of devices with the problem will be to replace the battery for free through Apple retail stores or its authorized resellers. You can visit the website of your Apple checks the serial number of the computer from this link.

Amazon will product called Cube

Amazon published the page anticipation on her official website saying that there is a product coming called the cube the Cube within the family Fire. Confirmed that pictures and reports of old come back for more than 6 months with a time position AFTBews the news that Amazon is working on your product is a cube combines the functions of a TV, Amazon fire and the function of the Echo sky smart as well as IR to control home appliances. Revealed website Engadget in the diversion of him that he got the instruction manual of your Cube Amazon said it comes with 4 ports in the back are two separate IR ports, HDMi and power port, a Micro-ad hoc recommendation to the internet via the Ethernet Adapter. I didn’t reveal Amazon for any details on this cube and the date of disclosure, but this is the picture that you mentioned AFT they leaked.

Explosive news:

◉ Stopped Apple to provide facilities in the repayment of England “installment plan” for its customers. The former enables you to installment with services such as PayPal or banks such as Barclays.

◉ The US President, Trump with the head of Apple Tim Cook hours ago and have not issued a statement to clarify what has been his points, but according to the talk was about China and Apple there are things pertaining to war, Chinese commercial American current.

◉ Report revealed that Intel will provide Apple 70% of the segments of the contact in the iPhone, the end of the year and 100% of the iPhone the following.

This is not all the things on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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