News on the sidelines of the week of 18-25 April

Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش الأسبوع 11-18 أبريل

Apple may have paid $ 6 billion to Qualcomm

The report revealed that Apple may be forced to pay 6 billion dollars for Qualcomm in the settlement last week. Apple has previously paid 7.5$ by the case, but now that Qualcomm decided to punish Apple for raising the value to somewhere between 8$ to 9$ because of the asylum Apple’s court. And even now I don’t know if you would adopt Apple entirely on Qualcomm or buy just a few slides of them but in general there is news that Apple can now get sliced 5G.

Report: Samsung has launched her phone rollaway entity precedes Apple

In conjunction with the bad news about the failure of the Samsung foldable. The report revealed the newspaper Bloomberg that sources within Samsung told them that the decision to launch the device was not currently planned but the leadership of the company and the investors tell the managers that their company always accuse the report of the Apple you have to provide device cause Apple and be innovative and consequently, accelerate the process of launching the device rollaway revealed about the company before Apple, as well as by Huawei that you always want already Samsung. But it seems that this leak caused in the submission without adequate studies, which caused the current problems.

Samsung postpones the launch of her phone, rollaway

It seems that the Samsung device the latest and most expensive in its history at his way to be the story of the failure of the new company. In the beginning, Samsung made called Huge that its device moves more than 100 thousand time folding, but after that the link to the reviewers it is wrong of them within a day or two. Replying Samsung it would investigate the matter and then explained that the reason they did remove the protective screen is very thin I put it said that there were instructions not to remove it otherwise you may fail the screen. But the shock came during the days as pointed out by one of the reviewers that the screen is also busted, without removing the protective screen, which Samsung claimed to remove it is the cause. Days after Samsung announced officially that it decided to postpone the launch of the device for a later date not yet announced toggle health, it would be two months or 3 months, but fear some said that this is the introduction to the failure of the new as in Note 7 who will pay $ 2000 in device stuck to it I heard that it might overheat. you have to after days. Will you two thousand dollars!

◉ The website iFixIt, famous dismantling a Samsung phone rollaway and our indoor photo of the gear and got the phone to assess the difficulty of 2 (the smaller the number was the most difficult in reform) which assessment is very difficult sister S10 got 3 iPhone Xs I got on the 6th. This means that the phone is foldable is very difficult in the reform as compared to any other phone known. The device internally featuring 2 card first 2135mah second 2245mah

Report: Apple going to support the mouse in the iPad

A recent report revealed that Apple intend to make a new leap in the iPad to improve the use of as an alternative to fit as promoted by Apple during the recent years. This point will be the support connected the mouse. Apple support since the release of the iPad, plug the keyboard, but some applications need accuracy, use the mouse to it, so it was said that Apple is currently considering mouse support within the devices that connect to Bluetooth iDevice iPad so you can use it in specific applications

Samsung to invest $ 115 million in the area of the slide

Samsung has announced officially about its plan to become the first company globally, not only in the area of the memory chip but also a logic chip (leave the slides). And suitable Samsung basic in this area Intel of America. Samsung said it will inject $ 63 million in scientific research in addition to the $ 52 million in infrastructure for production lines and factories during the plan implementation until 2030 which is invested average $ 10 million annually. And Samsung suppliers to apple core, despite the persistent differences between them, but some of the news I talked to Samsung know on Apple to provide them with the contact 5G.

Report: Apple’s best customer service buy computers

Revealed magazine Laptop Mag for its report and installation service, customers to buy the laptops came to Apple in the lead alone where she received a 91 point total. The evaluation is divided into two parts, the online support and the number of points by 60 points claimed Apple 54 not to be outdone market the company Razer made computers famous games which came with 58 points. The second part of the evaluation is to support phone number of his points 40 points and won Apple’s 37 points and outdone only by Acer, which came with 38 points. But the evaluation of the total the Apple first with 91 points, followed by Razer with 88 points then Dell with 78 points then Samsung 73 points.

Apple’s focus on Siri and the EN in the WWDC conference

The report revealed that Apple will focus on some of the points in the WWDC conference which will be held after a month and a half. Will Siri on the part of great importance and updates to drastic will be talking about Apple in a conference such as the possibility of requesting the send Siri facility specific him mail “send a picture of such and such to so and so” and the possibility of booking tickets, flights, trains and by Siri. In addition, of course, the area AR which focus on recent Apple will be Apple for exclusive updates to do with the Swift language will also be a major development in the field of scanning Scan the documents you have about the current format currently available.

American teenager asking for a million dollars compensation from Apple

The American teenager, 18 year named “Osman Bah” filed a case against Apple, demanding it to compensate the million because the recognition system faces its own has classified that he is a thief. Othman said that there is a thief the using its own ID card stolen to carry out robberies worth $ 1200 on 31 May 2018 and following that Apple has programmed the surveillance camera to identify the presence of visitors and monitoring. Later, Apple has the classification of “Osman” he is the robber and informed the police which arrested the “Osman” in the 29 November last, but the police officers saw the robbery video, and make sure that the thief is someone else entirely and not Osman and released his charges were dropped in all states except New Jersey, which continue to be considered “Osman” wanted criminal arrested, prompting Osman to sue Apple and face recognition system that caused the arrest and its that he is a thief

Apple may launch hear my AirPods and PhD soon

◉ Revealed to the analyst, the famous Ming-Chi Kuo that Apple is currently working on Version 2 new headset from the family of the AirPods. The heavens will focus on acoustic insulation as one of these two fish two will come up with a new design entirely. The report said that Apple may launch one the end of the year, however, deferred until the second assessment in the 2020 and you will often be women with different design.

◉ In the context of the other revealed to the US Patent Office that Apple patented brush design close to the design of the pen Apple. It seems that the company wants to provide a family of products that target artists.

Goodbye BBM

The company announced the Emtek landed her license to work on the development of the service conversation free BlackBerry BBM service terminated permanently as of the day of May 31. The police have tried repeatedly over the course of 3 years re-popular application of the conversation of the legendary famous but it seems that his time had finished, which made her decide to stop and turn off the service. It is reported that the BlackBerry company famous Canadian itself has fallen dramatically, and then stopped the development of its system applications and tried to offer devices running Android to no avail.

News superior

◉ Google launched a fitness application own and Fit Activity into an Apple Store after it was exclusively in Android.

Google Fit – Activity Tracker



Google LLC

Size 113.2 MB
Version 1.0
متاح في متجر البرامج


◉ Apple launched its channel on YouTube to allow Apple TV to publish videos bloopers filming content that will work in the application of the Apple TV and its new.

◉ Revealed a report that Apple is giving orders for the staff to be a priority fix keyboard Mac affecting some users of give. The report said that the goal of Apple to repair the device during 1 day only so that it delivers to the customer the next day to report it to the device.

◉ Announced stores JCPenney they stopped the service support Apple Pay and services, payment to the notes because of the lag in the technical support and the readiness of the App Store currently.

◉ Celebrated Apple this week on the ground via the lighting part of its logo in green.

◉ Apple sent a second beta version of their iOS 12.3 and Mac 10.14.5 and tvOS 12.3 and 5.2.1 developers.

◉ Said the head of the company AT&T that it believes that the companies fight customers 5G in accordance with the authority you get, the more increase the speed of the price increases.

◉ Apple announced the expansion of a recycling process devices and opened a new factory to recycle the metal in and Austin.

This is not all the news that’s on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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