News on the sidelines of the week of 10-17 January

Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش الأسبوع 10-17 يناير

Guard Tim Cook is the least Global with 310 thousand dollars.

Apple has revealed that secure and guard the president “Tim Cook” has cost Apple 310 thousand dollars just by 2018, the Tim may cost Apple in 2015 to secure $ 700 thousand dollars that way, Tim Cook is in charge the least expensive in large companies; for example companies Alphabet the implementation of the 600 thousand dollars to secure the head of the company Google; and Intel spent $ 1.2 million to secure its chairman, the Amazon spending 1.6 million to secure Jeff Bezos. The president of Facebook, is the most expensive where the company has spent 7.3 million in 2017 is expected that the figure reached $ 10 billion in 2018, a rise of huge where it was costing his company only 2.3 million in 2013.

It is reported that the insurance officials of the technical is not the purpose of protection against such alienation of politicians and even protection from hacking and spying and privacy so that companies are per private jet for leaders fear of spy passengers on the secrets of their company’s value higher than its materials data States.

New in the war of Apple and Qualcomm

◉ Defended Qualcomm in the case against the retention of that lol Qualcomm has not found the iPhone of the foundation; the Qualcomm that has a prominent role in the form in which it has reached smartphones in its current form, so the amounts and fees that the request is not high, or not illegal but are against its services.

◉ Stated Jeff William in charge of the operations operational COO at Apple that Qualcomm has refused to provide Apple with contact of an iPhone XS/XR because Apple refused to pay licensing fees. It is reported that Qualcomm requires companies to pay a fee to buy the slide and licence fees (fee to use the slide) in exchange to sell them products. She explained to Apple that the decision to reject the egg is the cause of the delay of Apple in providing services 5G

◉ German court rejected a new case filed by Qualcomm against Apple regarding violation of patents.

Rumors of iPhone XI

Published several sites rumors about the iPhone coming like the new design of the camera which we talked about in a previous article –this link– and these the most prominent rumors:

Three for the top: uncovering the rumors that Apple has already decided to use the camera triple in the iPhone XI will come to the device. The phone cheaper the heir to the Xr will comes with binary such as Xs current.

Front camera: Apple devices 7/8/X/Xs/XR front-facing camera on a quest 7 Mega and improvements. But the news says that Apple will offer a new camera entirely in XI where it will increase capacity to 10 Mega and change the sensors and obstacles.

No port C: although rumors say that Apple will switch permanently to port C but I started getting reports that Apple will postpone an additional year and continues to the launch of the iPhone the same since shipping traditional.

Apple launches the cover of the charging of an iPhone Xs/Xr

◉ Apple launched the cover of the charging of an iPhone Xs/Xr as well as women max. The new cover comes with a storage capacity of fooled a lot of sites where came a copy of Xs with a capacity of 1369 mAh vs 1877mah cover iPhone 6/6s and 2365mah for the cover of the iPhone 7 making sites remember that the amplitude is less, but actual storage capacity is calculated as WH any product of the Volts and amp. Apple has been using the card of the Volkswagen is higher. Comparison of iPhone XS capacity 10.1 Wh (a 1369mah) the cover of the iPhone 6/6s set 7.13 casing iPhone 7 sought 8.98 Wh where the Apple using battery-voltage multiplier 7.37 volts versus conventional 3.79 Volts in the previous version. It is reported that the cover price of 129$, both an iPhone Xs or XR or cunning.

◉ Revealed page the sale of the cover of the new shipping at the Apple website Malaysia for supporting the casing for the Apple inventor AirPower and this is the first time since the period of which the returns are the name of the shipper for the Apple community after that delete the company all about the products that failed to launch so far. It is worth mentioning that Apple later made by deleting the company from the product page.

◉ Revealed a common cover your iDevice iPhone XS that already works with iPhone X without any problems.

Apple book 50 seats a day to travel to China and spend $ 150 million tickets

In the paper was leaked to the Press revealed the US airline United that Apple is the most important client she has and spends $ 150 million a year on tickets. The report said that Apple is blocking 50 seats in business class daily flight from Shanghai which there is a prior booking 50 seats per day permanently so that any command in the Apple at any time to travel immediately to China. The company explained that 25% of the spending, Apple is a flight to Shanghai and return $ 35 million from the company to this plan. The report also illustrates the face of Apple’s other favorite come to Hong Kong in third place after Shanghai and then Taiwan airport, then London, then South Korea fifth, and then Singapore and then Myung Germany, then Tokyo, then Beijing and in the center X airport Ben Goren of the Israeli in Palestine.

For its part, issued the airline’s statement explained that this declaration is internal and is not intended for the media public.

Samsung launches the S10 on 20 February and the iPhone XS faster

Samsung announced the identification on February 20 after a month and 3 days to unlock her phone later S10 which will come with a new design and camera design pierced “O” and the treatment of SD855 later. As well as provide them a copy later support networks of the fifth generation. Reports said that Samsung has postponed the launch of the phone by folding to April because Huawei will launch a phone similar at the WMC in the period between February 25-28 and the leadership of Samsung preferred to wait to so there is a preference for the Huawei.

The costs that the monitor tests the performance of mobile phone platforms on the platform of Geekbench achieved the phone to perform nuclear one-3413 points, the nucleoli are multiple 10256 point the device comes with 6 GB of memory while the iPhone XS which comes with a memory of 4 Giga achieves the performance of the 4797 point for the single “speed of 40%” and the nuclei of multiple “faster 9.8%”.

Apple: we changed the 11 million cards priced at $ 29

Apple said they changed the 11 million cards in the system change the defective battery out of warranty at a price of$ 29 at a time when the former sells them at 69$ and change 1-2 million Cards is only making the company to lose revenues worth nearly half a million dollars. The company said that this action is one of the reasons for the decline the company’s revenue during the financial period to justify its strange that the procedure may reduce profits, not proceeds, because 11*29 means the proceeds of $ 319 million versus previously 2*69 means $ 138 million which caused the batteries to increase the income of Apple batteries worth almost $ 200 million (income not profit).

Market downturn laptops 4.3% Macau 3.8%

Location detection Gartner that mobile PCs “iPads” hyphen retreat during the last quarter of 2018 where sold 68.6 million devices compared to 71.69 million fell by 4.3%. And wrenched Lenovo is the top of the standings from HP, after its share rose from 21.9% to 24.2% and decreased the HP third with a share of 22.4%. The Apple so you kept the status of the second in spite of the decline 3.8% to become the sales of 4.92 million with a market share of 7.2% (increased market share due to decline less than the market decline).

News superior

◉ Announced the company denied one of the biggest manufacturers of extensions to Apple they will provide a cable C To Lightningبعد two months in the markets this means that Apple sent the approval and adoption of the MFi corporate or neighbor to send it now will not continue to be cable exclusive to Apple. It is reported that the cable must be supported from Apple in order to support fast charging of PD your iDevice iPhone.

◉ Received Jennifer Bailey chair of the Department of defense in Apple’s Apple Pay stores in conference to TRANSACT which will be held April 30, May 2, is considered is the most important conference of the Special Report of the defense in the world.

◉ Judge issued a US ruling that the company has the right to force you to look at the iPhone of a girl or put your finger force on the button footprint.

◉ Announced Foxconn as its revenue fell 8.3% in December 2018 (the past month) compared with the corresponding month. The company said that the reason is the decline in sales to some customers (of course we know who is a client of Foxconn base which decreased its sales).

◉ Apple launched its fourth beta version of iOS 12.1.3 system TV tvOS 12.1.2 and watchOS 5.1.3.

◉ Announced VLC for the arrival of the number of conversions to apply them famous to the 3 million download. Promised update is coming “I remember when” support the AirPlay.

◉ Apple will begin as of tomorrow, Friday January 18, at the sale hearing of the HomePod in China and Hong Kong.

◉ The Nike athletic shoes launched a new shoe priced at$ 350 can be controlled in its advantages by the application on the iPhone. The shoe features a battery 505 Ma includes wireless.

◉ Announced Dialog that lists apple slices energy management to their own devices they managed to achieve the target of revenue reaching $ 431 million was previously stopped 430-470 million. Thus, Dialog is the only one not affected by the decline in Apple’s sales.

◉ After the declaration of more than one company support a developers download HomeKit to focus explained that they support the volume control and display, lighting, and other advantages.

◉ Issued a US court’s final judgment to fine Apple $ 440 million for the company VirnetX for patent infringement. The court had ruled in 2016 fined Apple 302 million and then increased the amount to 439.7 million and finally released a final rule to confirm the amount and Apple Pay. It is worth mentioning that the case back in 2010 and had got a judgment of $ 502.6 million in violation of another patent invented by Apple.

◉ Challenge reports that Johny Srouji leadership at Apple in charge of her therapist, a candidate for president of the Intel Corporation in the list of the 5 measurements. Johnny had worked at Intel since 1990 to 2005, joined Apple in 2008 and is considered one of the most important measurements the company has paid. (Salary, $ 1 million annual bonuses of 3 million per year than he got for the shares of the $ 20 million previously).

◉ Apple has to add devices iMac 2012 as neglected and this term they do not provide maintenance and spare parts for these devices in their premises.

This is not all the news that’s on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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