News on the sidelines of the week 9-16 may

Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش الأسبوع 11-18 أبريل

IPhone XR related to the sales of phones in North America

A report of the Centre for Canalys, Apple sold 14.6 million iPhone during the first quarter of 2019 and the iPhone XR sales estimated at 4.5 million sets and earned a share of 13%. For for Samsung devices came phone S10+ with a share of 6% and his younger brother S10e with a share of 6% and the number of devices sold 2 million each. The report explained that Apple got in general a 40% share of devices sold and that this was thanks to strong sales of older devices such as the 7 and 6s as well as the programme Switch device made by Apple in North America. It is reported that the total sales achieved in this quarter was 36.4 million devices.

Lenovo unveils the first computer a folding

The company issued Lenovo video Flig computer laptop named ThinkPad X1. Need a screen full without a keyboard but the screen of course is not traditional they are a type of OLED quality 2K said Lenovo they come in collaboration with LG and it can be completely folded to become like any PC online. The device will be available in markets next year 2020 without a price or a specific date as well as is not revealed any technical specifications to fit only the screen and the advertising headline the following:

Intel confirms Apple’s attention with a season of its own

Spoke to several news earlier that Apple wants to buy the Strip segments contact the “season” which announced that Intel’s about to close out of the board after the deal Apple and Qualcomm. This week announced that Intel officially that there are already companies negotiate with them to buy this train, but it didn’t poison these companies and if I had made it clear that their interest in basic segments of 5G and especially that they are “intel” they cut off a great run in this area. It is reported that several reports said that Apple intends to manufacture the SIM card itself but it won’t see the light of day by 2025.

HP launches calculator binary screen to rival Mac

It seems that the bar touch in the Apple will be exposed to the threat of honest and huge HP that revealed its new OMEN X 2S which, as shown in the photo featuring additional screen above the keyboard. Case targeted at the gaming sector it seems that, provided the bar touch in the Mac but is much more sophisticated it has a screen size of 6 inch high quality FHD 1080p. For the specifications the device can, as usual, customize hardware to i9 ninth generation can be to invite disaster screen RTX 2080 capacity storage up to 2TB SSD and memory up to 32 GB. The price is start from$ 2100, and (starts and not to the specifications of the former) is expected to be available in markets next month.

Taxes Trump may raise the price of the iPhone 14%

The report revealed channel CNBC that the taxes and fees that threatens to Trump the imposition on imports from China may lead to an increase in the price of the iPhone increased by 14% in the US market. The report said that the iPhone XS, which is priced 999$ will be released to 1142$ new fees. The US president has threatened to impose tariffs on all imports from China no matter how her company, which may result in increased prices. It is reported that Apple always what you think the price of the American is the measurement and reference pricing world is the imposition of the tax will raise the price of the phone globally and sales or remember her former promise to re-pricing globally, a promise that did not materialize as usual.

The U.S. Supreme Court allow the prosecution of Apple to celebrate

Some users of the iPhone sued Apple for fraud and they prevent the provision of applications only through the software store which makes them pay the overpayment. And I needed Apple on this charge, said that the users of iPhone are not clients direct to the company they play the role of mediator between the developer and the client. Already convinced Apple to court the opinion of Apple, but users consulted were against the government and has already been overturned by a court other than Apple Pay the commission to the Supreme Court to prevent the prosecution of this type of case, but came to the Supreme Court’s ruling is shocking for Apple to confirm the cash and that users are entitled to sue the company for the monopoly of the provision of applications.

For its part, Apple said that it will not continue and will face judges in the basic Court to prove that the software store has no quasi-monopoly.

Apple’s challenge to an operating system of its organs of various

In conjunction with the launch of Apple s iOS 12.3 –this link– Apple has updated the systems to the rest of the hardware came updates as follows:

◉ Provide an update on the previous WatchOS 5.2.1 came to support the ECG in 5 new countries namely Croatia, Czech, Iceland, Poland and Slovakia. This feature provides almost in most of Europe, including eastern. The update came to support the notices of arrhythmias in the same state as well as several improvements and fixes in general.

◉ Update 10.14.5 for Mac which came in addition to the reforms and improvements by adding support for AirPlay 2 possible follow-up board in the Apple News+ improvements in audio for Mac 2018.

◉ Update tvOS 12.3 discrimination to support the application of the Apple TV, the new in more than 100 countries (including the Arab states).

Apple’s challenge to the trial versions of its systems

Apple released version new, experimental systems and next came as follows:

◉ The first beta for iOS 12.4 came many of the reform problems and improvements as well as to add the feature card support of the Apple Cards.

◉ First beta version for the previous watchOS 5.3 came to become a lot of problems and malfunctions and improve the performance of the former.

◉ The first beta version of system TV tvOS 12.4 has not detected any changes advantages of the new.

◉ First beta version for the Mac System Shortcut! 10.14.6 has not detected any features and New.

News superior

◉ Apple officially announced that the Apple Pay will support NFC Tags to facilitate the payment process.

◉ Reports that the Disney Company assumed the management and control network channels, Hulu.

◉ Samsung has announced that it has sent the update during the current week for each of its organs and the issuance of the 2019 and some devices Version 2018 to support the AirPlay 2 and the Apple TV.

◉ Reports that the company TSMC began manufacturing basic know iPhone A13 the next 4 months after markets.

◉ Apple started to send Apple card Apple Card to some of its employees in America.

◉ Amazon announced that Alexa now supports Apple’s service to music in Australia and on all your devices and base such as Echo and the Sonos and TV Fire

◉ Reports revealed that Apple will soon provide a payment service Apple Pay in 15 additional countries in Europe. The reports were adopted on the company announcement Monese financial they will soon service the Apple Pay in the state in which it operates.

◉ Reports revealed that Apple captured images to the stage of “rainbow” massive inside the headquarters of Apple is in order to occupy the hotel Apple 17 “tomorrow is Friday” on the occasion of the opening of the article.

◉ A large number of films produced by Warner Bros suddenly decreased quality available on iTunes them to become the HD 720p instead of 4K quality 2160p that was previously unavailable. Did not know Apple on this so far.

◉ Photo addressed in several websites for the available colors of an iPhone the XR version 2019 that will be the end of the year.

◉ Added Apple’s payment service Apple Pay within the payment methods in the software store and the iTunes Music Cloud in some states.

This is not all the news that’s on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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