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Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش الأسبوع 10-17 يناير

Apple unveils the results of the previous quarter.

Apple has revealed about the results of the quarter past which had checked his numbers earlier than the cause of the collapse was reported to the police; the most notable revelation in the report is the following:

◉ Reduced the company’s revenue increased by 5% to 84.3 million.

◉ Global sales of the devices has come to represent 62% of the total sales of Apple.

◉ Low income iPhone 15%

◉ Soaring sales of Apple’s various other devices 19%

◉ The height of Apple’s revenue from services, 19% to $ 10.9 million.

◉ Apple has made of the net proceeds of 26.69 million, compared with $ 28.29 million in the same quarter.

◉ Apple has distributed $ 13 billion to shareholders during the quarter.

◉ The arrival of the cash reserves of Apple to $ 130 million.

We will publish a detailed article about the results of the previous quarter and download between the lines.

Tim Cook promises to cut the price of the iPhone globally

Just as we mentioned about a month ago –this link– challenge Tim Cook said that the economic crisis in a number of developing countries have caused the weakness of its currency compared with US dollar which made the price of the iPhone too high for the citizens of this state. Tim said that accordingly, the company is currently considering lowering prices in a number of countries and consider in the pricing policy of the global phone just in developing countries. Explained Tim, that will be considered to state that sales fell of the phone when compared to the performance of its currency with the US dollar and then review the domestic price in this state.

Permit Tim doesn’t mean to change the price of the iPhone in all states, but will pick some states and reducing the price that the state would probably be India and China. States that the price of the dollar in fixed or did not retreat against the dollar “like the Gulf and Europe” are expected to be invested from this procedure.

Apple is waging war against Facebook and prevent them from deploying internal apps

It is known that there is a conflict of information and criticism of Apple and Tim Cook against Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg the Apple style of Facebook in dealing with data users. Months before the deletion of a large number of apps from the App Store that violate the privacy among them was the Facebook app, the Israeli “Onavo”. The first yesterday Apple decided to design materials and issued a decision denying Facebook of raising any applications in-house whether it is the app version of Facebook or even the application menu to the staff. Apple has said that companies can get permission to move internal apps to employees ‘ devices and publish on the App Store, but Facebook has using this potential in commercial uses via download apps on the devices, some clients, particularly adolescents across lure them peace material if they apply the “research” already protects the application and company data on their devices. Said Facebook in response to Apple that this behavior is not acceptable and it already had the data are teens and users, but that was not through their consent where you show them a letter explaining that he will be taking the data they face.

Apple shares rise after the announcement of the results

In order may be a surprise for jump Apple shares increased by 6.83% after the announcement of Apple about the results described to the highest value during the month and a half ago as the market capitalization rose for Apple to 781.6 million. Height is interpreted by some analysts that perhaps the investors expected results is worse than declared by the company or Apple disclosed about the correction coming which gives them optimism for the future.

News the iPad mini 5 and iPad 2019

◉ Apple has to register 6 devices and the new iPad in the database of the Eurasian EEC which give approvals to sell the devices in countries of Russia, Armenia, and Russia and Kazakhstan crosses. New devices carry a version number A2123, A2124, A2153, A2154, A2133, وA2152 and because we know that Apple launches Wi-Fi version and network, we are in front of the 3 versions of iPad is coming. Reports said they will copy the iPad mini 5 and two versions of the iPad Economic which will carry a screen size of 10 inches instead of 9.7 traditional.

◉ Reports said that Apple has decided to accelerate the pace of manufacturing of the iPad Mini and the iPad 2019 economic order to display them at a conference soon and is expected to be in the spring which is above and to be launch in the month of March/April (beginning of spring) as Apple did several times previously.

◉ Report noted that analysis of the beta version of iOS 12.2 has been found on the codes for the 4 devices iPad new download numbers iPad11,1 to 11.4. Strange that the iPad 9.7 current working figure 7,5-7,6, while the iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 carrying the label of 8.1 to 8.4. Where went the sequence of iPad 9 and 10?

◉ Another analyst pointed code that is not found any references for the existence of the iPad, a new added feature fingerprint Face ID your Apple this means that the new devices won’t believe this feature or not add its support in the current version at least.

Bloomberg publishes leaks iOS 13

Website revealed Bloomberg famous that it got some special features iOS 13 of his interests. The site said that the update will include the feature of dark mode in the system in general or the number of applications will be the option available. How much will Apple’s significant improvements in the features of the car, CarPlay will Apple significantly on the iPad and will update own adds exclusive features to the screen of the iPad and provide a feature to run the application more than once “just like we do in the case that you open two copies of Chrome or machine case.

And sides of the mentioned site that Apple will launch a feature magazine subscriptions are a new and video the end of the year via update for iOS.

Bloomberg: Apple choose iPhone port C and Sensitive Face ID new

Report stated Bloomberg that Apple is currently testing a version of the iPhone operating port C as the iDevice the iPad and not a port of Lightning famous traditional which you are using since 2012. The report did not confirm that the next version of the iPhone will be USB C it only confirmed that Apple intend to transfer iPhone although the previous forecast reported that it would be in the iPhone of 2020 and not a copy of 2019 to the University. The report added another point that Apple will reveal a new generation of sensitive face Face ID more accurate and smaller in size will also be Apple to provide the benefits of the advantages of augmented reality AR by the delicate new the rear camera will become three in one of the versions “often make – ” will be added to account 3D of the rear camera in the next year (iPhone 2020) with super ability to analyze things from the over up to 450 CM exchange account the current depth that works in the range 25-50 CM only. Coinciding with the New expect Apple to change its time of design.

Apple spent $ 60 million to purchase the U.S. in 2018

Apple announced it through 2018, paid $ 60 million for suppliers of hardware and an American it means 10% increase on the figure for the previous year 2017. The company explained that these amounts mean that Apple is the cause of employing more than 450 thousand new people in America directly and indirectly. Apple has said in a published report illustrates the history of the tunnels on its purchases of American companies (aims to relieve the pressure of the Trump on Apple) it since 2011 till now contributed to the doubling of posts from 600 thousand to 2 million. And suppliers of the company are located in the 50 US states and headed by company corner treatment, which manufactured protective glass for Apple devices “and” as well as companies such as Intel and Broadcom and Ko you and others.

Reuters: UAE acquired the techniques to spy on the iPhone in 2016

Report revealed to Reuters news that the United Arab Emirates has acquired a breakthrough technology called Karma managed security services from spying on iPhones once you figure out the phone number and email of the user only. The report said that the formation of a security unit in Abu Dhabi from former clients in the U.S. intelligence and security of the UAE to manage the organization. The report did not mention that it was monitoring the breach of security by Karma, which may mean it may have been used to combat crimes. The report explained that it could not be the organization brand on the calls, but it can be access to the pages and e-mails, letters, numbers, and location and passwords are registered, the report said, it seems that “karma” was used a security hole in an Massu to penetrate the device even if the other party uses the service. In the end, the report makes clear that it may have been to stop using these now or have been changed where Apple has to tighten security control on iOS at the end of 2017, which closed the loopholes that were used.

Samsung reveal a storage capacity of 1 Terra phones

Samsung announced the significant progress in the manufacture of the storage units for smart devices where the revealed capacity 1TB class eUFS new capacity comes dimensions 11.5*13 mm saw a substantial improvement in the speed where Link speed to 1000MB/s read and 260MB/s write which is what you can from the storage 260 video 10 minutes the quality of 4K, the company said that a lot of companies use the storage requirements can save 13 video only in these cities, “i.e., that the amplitude of the new fastest 20 times from the current average”. You see you have a Samsung S10, the first device emits this kind of capacitance storage? Table saw history storage capacities from Samsung.

The FBI accepts on the Chinese for stealing the secrets of the Apple Car

Announced the FBI America FBI arrested a Chinese engineer working for Apple for stealing the secrets of a special technique to control Apple self-driving that the company is working. And this is the second time you accept the FBI to engineer the Chinese steal the technology from Apple and both times was hiring before he’s able to leave America. Hung the Apple on the news that said they take the confidentiality and protection of innovations and own intellectual property seriously and they will cooperate with the authorities in order to protect its secrets. Lifting the Apple to comment on any details regarding the axis of the stolen information.

Samsung acquires Israeli company to develop export

Samsung acquired the company, Corephotonics, a company headed in the Occupied Palestinian territory “Israel” in a deal estimated at $ 155 million. The reports indicated that Samsung will benefit from the techniques of the company in the development of photography especially zoom and even the accuracy of the 25 times the 25X. It is reported that Samsung has adopted in previous major investor in the company since its establishment the company has managed to achieve significant development in the techniques and since November 2017 war lawsuit accusing the Israeli company Apple stole the technology I own and use them in the photography duo iDevice iPhone 7 Plus. It is reported that the president of Samsung has criticized the Department of development of smart phones, especially photography and invited them to provide considerable development in the future.

News superior

◉ Tool for iOS Unc0ver v3.0 now available for jailbreak iOS 11.0 to iOS 11.4.1.

◉ Stop Center for the study of that Apple has sold 65.9 million device iPhone last quarter compared to 77.3 million in the same quarter of the previous year.

◉ Google began to provide the design of her new “what you want” to develop Gmail on iOS and Android.

◉Apple announced that the total of payments, which reached developers so far from the stores own programs reached $ 120 million (it was the launch of the iOS App Store in 2008).

◉ Report revealed that the birth rate for iOS and Android has reached the standard ratio, this means stagnation in the conflict which remains an iOS user in the purchase of his system as well as users of Android remain loyal to his regime and does not require the iOS.

◉ Report revealed that the iPhone XR was the iPhone the most selling during the last quarter by 39% of sales.

This is not all the news that’s on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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