News on the sidelines of the week 23-30 may

Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش الأسبوع 23-30 مايو

Feature freeze in the background in iOS used to send tracking data

Revealed security researcher in the Washington Post that he downloaded a special application on your iPhone own spy on what do the iPhone and when. The result of this test was to monitor that some applications use the freeze feature in the background. To clarify, it’s not a spy and hacked. Feature freeze in the background are present in iOS for years, abundance, Apple developers and partially to work temporarily in the background to improve the content so when you use it to find up to date which leads to a better user experience. As well as known to each application monitors how you are using it collects data about you in it this is known he told me because it brings together what is happening to Iraq and watching the phone itself. But strange that applications decide to use the freeze feature in the background to work and send the collected data.

The names of the apps that do this such as Spotify and Microsoft and drive and Yelp. The costs that the researcher announced that the application of the Washington Post that it works the same that it’s annoying. And here the word annoying is because this feature “Background App Refresh” of things that increase the battery consumption as they increase the duration of action applications. Over now that the companies are using your card for our phone in order to send data to them.

If you’re someone who harassed them and close the water. Open Settings then general then stop the feature of “renewal applications in the background”

South Korea fastest internet in the world

The report revealed for the Open Signal on internet speeds around the world and believe South Korea has an average speed of 52.4 MB followed by Norway 48.2 MB. Arabs believe Qatar at a speed of 24.6 mega follows in the Sultanate of Oman 20.3 then the Emirates 19.9 MB then Lebanon 16.9 then Kuwait 16.2 then Bahrain 13.9 then Saudi Arabia 13.6 then Tunisia 13.4 MB then Morocco 11.2 then Jordan 10.4, then Egypt, 8.6 MB.

In Internet 4G also topped Korea globally at a speed of 97.5 mega are also Japan 96.3 Meg. Cart A topped Kuwait at a speed of 90 MB and then the UAE quickly 87.3 MB then the diameter of 86.2. Saudi Arabia came at a speed of 78.9 and Egypt came quickly 65.4 MB.

Apple allocates a page to the state gifts to continue programs

Dedicated Apple page in its site state gifts to continue programs under the title “principles and practices” and spoke proudly about the store and it is a week review of 100 thousand application most of them are in during the first 24 hours only. She explained to Apple that 60% of applications are approved depending on the combination between the human race for hundreds of employees as well as by machines. She said Apple’s software store “welcomes competition” because it believes that diversity makes us look forward and build on it, published a number of apps that compete with the official app of its own, including Google apps itself.

An example of other applications

Apple depends on the year for manufacturing outside of China

As we talked days ago –this link– to a company Year has built a factory to assemble the devices the MacBook and the iPad in Indonesia. Been confirmed in statements that they are already planning to establish a factory in Indonesia for an American agent without being distracted as Apple.

News Extra new came on the lips of the deputy minister of industry and Indonesian reported that the company Pegatron intends to invest between 695 million to $ 1 billion to build a factory to assemble the “chips Chips” in favor of Apple in Indonesia, in collaboration with a local company called PT Sat Nusapersada this increases the assurances that Apple wants to find an alternative to outside of China and that year will have a big role in this.

Apple might rely on Samsung to support OLED in Mac and iPad

Reports revealed that Apple is going to rely on Samsung in the launch of new versions of devices MacBook 16 inch screen OLED manufacture, the Korean company will also provide Samsung to Apple screen size 11 inch iPad next type OLED also. Relies Apple at present companies like LG and screens of Japan to provide screens to their own devices “LCD”, but due to the lateness of these sources in the development of OLED and to their inability to provide sufficient quantities so Apple will buy from Samsung. It is reported that the iPad and Mac screen OLED expected to detect the end of the year or beginning of next. In spite of rumors sourced analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that the Mac OLED will be delayed to 2021.

Site iFixit disassembles new MacBook Pro

The website iFixit, famous dismantling of the newest version of the MacBook Pro released last week. The new version next to the receiving processors the most powerful but it came with the new generation philanthropist of the keyboard Butterfly. The site mentioned that he’s already been making adjustments on the buttons while retaining the layer of silicone insulation, but has changed the quality of the materials used in the buttons themselves. The report awarded the Mac degree 1 of the 10 points in the ease of reform any that the Mac the future of maintenance is almost several that the area of the trackpad is the only part of the possible removal change easily otherwise every thing is connected together until button footprint and energy connected by the segment T2 and hence any change to the power button means that the print won’t work unless it’s done by Apple.

The Prohibition of Apple in China would profit decline of 29%

With growing rumors that Apple will know the decision of the Chinese Prohibition of the sale inside China reported to Goldman Sachs that, although China accounted for only 17% of Apple’s sales around the world, but because they accept to certain products, high profits for Apple (some up Apple’s earnings to 45%) the decision to ban the chest will lead to the decline of sales of Apple’s 29%. He said the investment bank famous that this report was based on a lot of customer requests investors in Apple to know the extent of China’s impact on Apple.

It is reported that Apple is experiencing a strong decrease in sales in China especially with the formal invitations in China to its citizens not to buy Apple devices.

New games coming from the Pokémon next year

The company announced the Pokémon that it will launch a number of new games and applications next year in the Apple Store and also Android. The company has achieved $ 2.5 million, most of them from the game Go on the iOS system which encouraged her to ask more apps family Pokemon. New applications will be Pokémon HOME and Pokémon Sleep this is in addition of course to the game of Pokémon Masters, which will be issued next month.

Apple’s challenge to the trial version of operating systems

Apple launched updates for the pilot systems came as follows:

◉ Second beta version of iOS 12.4 and unknown to any changes therein.

◉ Second beta version of the system clock Watch OS 5.3.

◉ Second beta version of system TV tvOS 12.4 without changes known.

News superior

◉ Microsoft announced the addition of the feature “data of sound” in Excel. In this way you can capture the image and excel upload and find the numbers in it and add it to the file.

◉ Announced the application Flipboard that it discovered the security breach lasted from one day to June 2, 2018 and until April 22, 2019 managed by the kidnappers to get the names and passwords edit users.

◉ Stopped Apple the possibility to record iOS 12.2 so it can’t go back to him in the future.

◉ Apple has acquired the startup aims to provide a device that can parents of control “asthma” for the children. The new company called Tueo Health and has received funding in 2017, $ 1.1 million and unknown amount paid by Apple to acquire them.

◉ Apple has updated the application Events on the devices and Apple TV to add WWDC 19 to watch the conference which is held next Monday.

◉ Administration announced the New York subway that as of Friday May 31, you can use Apple Pay to the state in the Metro.

◉ Meant Apple about closing the application to Texture in conjunction with the launch of the Apple News+.

◉ Microsoft announced the opening of the first stores in Europe and will be in London on 11 July.

◉ Apple launched its version 83 browser demo Safari Technology Preview is intended to test the advantages of coming to Safari Mac and iOS.

This is not all the news that’s on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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