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Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش : الأسبوع 3-10 مايو

Report: Apple will reveal a lot of product very the end of the year

Revealed several News reports that Apple will reveal many of the products the end of the year. Some reports that Apple will collect in a conference announcement of the iPhone in September, but some guessed that it may be divided into two conferences in September and another after a few months. This is a list of products that I mentioned:

IPhone: this is the news the traditional knowledge, which is detected 3 iPhone one LCD which is cheaper.

Apple watch: will Apple’s announcement of the fourth generation for there will come a larger size with modifications in design, especially the Cancel button and make it work by clicking.

IPad: will Apple reveal the iPad Pro third generation, which will be the same design iPhone X at all.

Mac: will challenge Apple many of Mac year-end may be including the Mac mini as well as MacBook Pro.

Apple headset: will reveal the Apple for the new generation of hearing by the AirPods which will come to the same design with many different improvements.

Charger Radio: announced by Apple a year ago but he didn’t believe until now for some unknown reason. So is expected to be launched at the conference.

Home iPod: The News said that Apple may reveal the new generation of home iPod, or more precisely, is the launch of another version of the same advantages with simple adjustments in the design as well as reduced price. Has come under the logo and the pizza business, not Apple’s.

Apple and Samsung agree to end the conflict of judicial

Shown document a lawsuit that Apple and Samsung have agreed to end judicial dispute ongoing since more than 7 years, which is accusing Apple Samsung of stealing the design of its devices and has already secured several provisions against Samsung was most recently before the weeks worth of half a billion dollars. And revealing document about the nature of the compromise agreement that has been between Apple and Samsung and its effect on the latter provisions, but it does mean that the era of the judges on the design between Apple and Samsung has ended.

Amazon beats Apple and Google to become the brand’s most expensive

Enabled Amazon to achieve a jump in its brand value according to Brand Finance has achieved Amazon’s increase of 42% In the value of the brand to become 150.8 million compared to $ 106.3 last year to provide to the first position after having been in second place. The Apple she tried to center her second despite the increase in value by 37% to 146.3 million dollars. Fell Google to third, despite increasing by 10% from 109.4 million to become 120.9 million. It is reported that this rating is for the brand Brand, not the company as a whole.

Apple may abandon Intel for MediaTek

In a technical report recently disagree with it entirely has been reported that Apple is negotiating with a media company for the Chinese for the manufacture of strips Connect for iphone the next. The news is strange and the reason is not technology and media integration is not a sophisticated one or a close to final development of Qualcomm, but because it is a small company for Apple and it can permanently supply the number of segments of contact that you need Apple which can’t even giant companies from Intel to supply. It is reported that Apple in the past was entirely dependent on Qualcomm until the beginning of the legal conflict began in the partial transition to Intel and it will depend by 70% in upcoming devices and up to 100% next year. Perhaps the news media Tech is to manufacture the strips connection for a secondary and not the iPhone.

Sofia says publicity for the Huawei honor 10

Robot-like human beings “Sofia” winning nationality Saudi Arabia is doing the declaration for Honor 10. Watch the video:

The founders of pizza demanding to pay $ 25 million for one of the designers

Although the company pizza Beats followed him to Apple but this case is not against Apple itself, but rather on the founders of the company. Suit back for 2016 as a judge designed the old founders that they didn’t shout they don’t profit of your products that were sold from the design of it and still sold and raising the founders of the Company this and they said that the compensation agreement was to exchange bonus on the first line of the region only and not throughout the period of its production which make it a apply to the judiciary who rule not according to compensation of $ 25 million.

Apple is considering charging the iPhone from the tray the sky.

The report revealed that Apple is considering offering a new feature is the possibility to use the tray clear of the AirPods as a wireless Docking the iPhone in the next generation is expected to ask him during the following months. It is reported that the cans of fish are already working as a young man, not the internal battery will support shipping wireless future with the charger is Apple, but it seems that Apple will increase the size of the battery that enables you to use it to charge the iPhone in case of Emergency.

Coming from Android to Apple prefer phones plus

The report revealed that the Let the gifts go to the iPhone works well for Apple and 15-20% of sales of the iPhone are the current customers are coming from Android. The study was performed on 2000 new subscribers during the first quarter of the year the actual current. The report stated that devices Plus is the most popular as well as iPhone 8/8+ outperform with a share of 40% following the iPhone 7/7+ with a share of 25% and then iPhone 6s/6s+ with a share of 12%. The report said that 39% of users of Android when they moved to Apple they bought the device “ + ” while the popular plasma center Apple users need is only 29%.

Vivo learn about the expense of 10 times the accuracy of fingerprint Apple face

The company announced the vivo VIVO of to improve BKK which includes the companies of the oppo-vivo – oneplus that their company managed to manufacture the device broadcast Points allowed TOF is capable of scattering the 300 thousand points on the face for this figure is 10 times the figure with the imprint of the face of the Apple, which deploys 30 thousand points only. Said vivo that this innovation exists it will be added in the future to their own devices but they have indicated that this will take some time to believe any not soon. It is reported that the increased number of points means higher accuracy in determining the contours of the face and therefore more difficult to deceive.

*Scientifically does not mean doubling the number of points is 10 times that precision will be 10 times but it just rounded my view because the home did not teach him to know the extent of the actual quality.

Report: meeting of the Alliance of ITI to discuss online privacy

Hold Alliance to the ITI technical meeting on Thursday, “yesterday, June 27,” among the companies in the city of San Francisco to discuss is how to get the method to evaluate the customer concern about privacy on the internet and find ways to better protect them. The meeting will focus in part on the GDPR and its application. It is reported that the Alliance of ITI includes several companies including Apple, Microsoft, facebook and Samsung study books and IBM and ko your Intel, Adobe, Google, and MasterCard or other companies. The reports talked about holding the meeting on Thursday but no confirmation and did not know about it at the site of the ITI official.

Company TSMC plans to manufacture the Processor 5nm for Apple in 2020 will be the A12 with 7nm this year

Reports revealed that the company TSMC has completed the processing factories for the production of processors of the report or “accuracy,” fabrication of 7nm which is the type expected to be manufacturing processors for the iPhone and the iPad killer known as the A12. It is known that the smaller the number intends to mean increasing the number of circles “figure means the size of the circle” this makes the Processor faster for the existence of circles by the largest and at the same time less energy consumption. This Excel TSMC to Samsung in this area so that Qualcomm was told that the Processor Snapdragon 855 will be manufactured with this technology also trying to catch up the iDevice of the iPhone and its treatment. The company said that its production capacity increased by 15% from last year, but she expects the decline in demand on this top tier of processors and low global demand for top phones in general.

In another context it was reported that TSMC is considering an investment of $ 25 million to develop the factories again to manufacture the processors for 5nm by 2020 this is one of the largest investments in the world, but it is acceptable because the company TSMC will now make processors and slide for 20 feet of AMD and Nvidia and ko you in addition to Apple.

Apple is moving the validity of the patents Qualcomm

Apple announced the Do a law famous in its conflict with Qualcomm, which challenge the validity of patents in this procedure match the Apple company discount are intended for Qualcomm to prove that their patents are valid and true “technique” before proceeding to the conflict to the point that Apple violated this patent. Reports said that Apple is under recognize this kind of complaints said even now 396 times. Designed Apple in this procedure to give judges as well as may result in the failure of one of these patents accordingly close the case from the beginning.

Forecast specifications of the iPad Pro 2018

Revealed News reports that the iPad Pro and is currently a Size 10.5-inch will receive the update in the Conference of the iPhone and this update will be mainly by adding a depth camera your iDevice iPhone X, but they indicated that the extrusion will be in the iPad, where will Apple just dialogue and screen button which will help to increase the area of the screen to 11.9 inches without an increase in the actual size as well as will improve Apple’s rear camera is great and might even make it Dual Camera. The iPad will come with a processor A12 which offers better performance by up to 50% of the Processor A11 dedicated currently to everyone.

Apple thought about the abolition of the charging port on the X

Reports revealed that Apple’s idea in the beginning of the manufacture of the iPhone X to cancel the charging port of the foundation and provide the first smart phone just depends on the shipping radio, but this idea was quickly rejected by the difference in charge at Apple, which explained that the shipping Wireless is very slow as well as is a significant cost to Apple to add a wireless Charger with every iPhone. Making the team responsible for X eliminates this idea is a logical decision it is known that Apple is 10 years slower charger in the world with the iPhone to provide an amount of up to less than $ 1 It doesn’t make sense to add a charger wireless high price free with the device.

The state of Wisconsin know the additional incentives worth million on Foxconn

Last year, she said of Foxconn they are considering investing $ 10 million in several sources within America in response to pressure U.S. President Trump. Began States of America in the development and the head of the state of Wisconsin offered incentives estimated at $ 3 billion in tax cuts. But with the clash of America and China began to reports that Foxconn will eliminate the source or reduce the size of the investment, so the Wisconsin offer increased incentives worth million of additional hope in the passage of the Foxconn invested their associated. It is reported that, reports that it will build a factory for the iPhone and salaries to 231 thousand dollars a year.

Explosive news:

◉ Report revealed that Facebook already patented her idea to record conversations on the phone and downloaded “any patent, the possibility of spying on others.”

◉ Hold Samsung Conference on 9 August to reveal the Galaxy Note 9 months before the Conference of the Apple iPhone killer.

◉ Happened to Google her smartphone with continuous talk of “no need for the phrase hey Siri” both on the devices Home or application.

◉ Held Apple’s agreement with the sesame and renowned seller of Arab as “Sesame Street” to integrate the training of children under programs that are provided for children by them.

◉ Apple has added diversity by transportation in the application of their own maps of the city of Rome as well as the state of Estonia.

◉ Has been monitoring the policy of Apple is in the process of scanning the streets in Japan, a step which it is said to precede the announcement of Apple for the future-like Street view provided by Google several years ago.

◉ Reports revealed that the company Wistron began to assemble the iPhone 6s in India in order to provide the Indian market and reduce the prices there. It is reported that India’s customs imposes taxes and costs on imported products completely, so the western building a factory to assemble the iPhone and reduce the cost of the house.

◉ Approved by the U.S. Department of Justice on a deal to sell Fox to Disney, but her student by selling 22 network local sports continued it to Fox to avoid friction. The American government didn’t remember on the one hand the house or any details but said that the Disney sale this networks to any common areas.

◉ Started Facebook in spreading the feature of automatic translation in the application of the Messenger and became support an America completely as well as Mexico with the promise of publishing it in more countries soon.

◉ Microsoft began in the choice of the feature of blocking ads in the browser and “edge” on iOS

◉ Started the Wi-Fi Alliance the adoption of encryption, passwords, WPA3.

◉ Announced of Facebook that they are working on a feature that will soon be able to hide publications that include certain words for 30 days.

◉ Apple announced the launch of the program to replace and repair the keyboard for Mac which has a problem in writing such as stop one of the buttons or repeat writing the same character.

This is not all the things on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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