News on the sidelines of the week 15-22 of November

Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش الأسبوع 8-15 نوفمبر

Apple loses 20% of its value in a month

◉ Continued this week, Apple shares collapse bringing the total loss to 20% of its market value in less than a month as the price of the stock to the 176.78$ yesterday, November 21 vs. 222.22 $ the beginning of the month and so it 45.44$ equivalent of $ 215 million=20% of their market value. And review Apple for more bad news, both its own and its organs and the decline of sales of iPhone as well as news of the private sector, the technical American as well as political and economic American.

◉ Revealed famous investor “Warren Buffett,” he continued to the fourth Financial to buy shares in Apple with this increased Apple’s share in the portfolio of Warren Buffett to 25.77%, compared to 23.84%. Deterioration of stock now maybe it is bad news for the investor famous but if you know that he began buying Apple shares in 2016, when the stock price was at the time 93$ and then bought another batch of$ 110. Now after the collapse of the stock from 222 to 176$ it’s not too bad with it.

◉ Report revealed that the majority of investment funds in America suffer from losses now because of falling Apple shares 20% where a stock was a key component in most of the funds and the famous. For example, the fund Mutual Fund Giant Fidelity owns 111 million shares in Apple, including 7 million have been bought last quarter. The Janus Henderson, pick up a 3.3 million shares to its stake to 20.8 million as J. P. Morgan, bringing the number of Apple stocks have to 42.7 million.

News Apple and its organs

◉ Published channel Jerry Rig Every thing to put a video of the torture of the iPad and talk. The iPad was a acceptable performance to to test came the crease where the crash the iPad very easily and split into two halves. Watch the video:

◉ Know the many services Apple this week to mainly iTunes and software and music in many states. He said Apple has fixed the bug and returned the services to work again in an hour.

◉ Reports revealed that Apple had asked the factories to reduce the production per iPhone three new and not just the XR. This is the first time we see the news about the reduction in applications for the manufacture of XS and Max.

◉ Apple has acquired a startup called Silk Labs in a deal that did not disclose their value. The company operates in the field of artificial intelligence and learning machines, especially to identify people and faces, objects and sounds.

◉ Over yesterday, the tenth anniversary of the advent of the anime for the first time in the iPhone which was with update 2.2.

◉ Apple posted a video stating 5 reasons to buy the iPad instead of having said that these reasons are ( faster than most computers – works as multiple devices such as a camera scanner and a notebook and music and tried – there is a permanent connection to the internet anywhere – supports gestures – supports pen Apple) Watch the video trailer.

◉ Apple has announced that they intend to submit a large number of presentations during the period 23 to 26 the month equivalent to the day of Friday Black Friday (that’s her name, The Color Black is not a curse word and an insult) and even the Monday Cyber Monday.

◉ Apple announced about the re-design of website to sell products refurbished Refurbished. It is reported that these devices are sold at lower prices 10-25% and you get 12 months warranty from Apple like the new hardware. Began Apple is already selling a version renewed of the iPhone X vs 725$.

◉ Last week we talked about the update silent for the Mac added the option to modify the kart graphics to Readeon Vega 16/20 this week’s featured tests the performance of the graphics for the 20 achieved 72799 in the selection of OpenCL as a result of 73953 in the choice of Metal versus the performance of 65000 thousand for OpenCL and 57000 in the Metal for the previous 560X

The world of Facebook that introduce almost all aspects and applications

◉ Facebook announced that it started in the Send feature to UnSend users Messenger. Water will enable you to undo sending a message and delete them after being sent to the other party. Water will be available progressively to users.

◉ Facebook announced that it started in the Send feature of Your Time which enables you to track the time you spend on Facebook. Water will be available progressively to users.

◉ Know the location of the Facebook and the Instagram application Messenger technical problems this week caused the expected in many countries around the world for several hours.

◉ Denied Facebook the news that Mark sure is company officials to abandon the iPhone and the acquisition of Android devices. The company explained that the secret of the proliferation of Android devices among the leadership is not on the orders of Mark but because it is the system most spread globally.

◉ Began applying Instagram to delete likes and fake accounts “not true”.

Google Apps News

◉ Google announced the new update for the application photos on iOS to support the feature, modify the depth in the photo.

◉ Google announced the new update for the application maps on Android and iOS that enables users to communicate “talks” with the companies from within the Maps app itself. Water available progressively to users. Owners can Places use the My Business to connect with customers.

Amazon begin to activate the partnership contract with Apple

◉ We talked last week about the agreement between Apple and Amazon allow the latter to sell the latest Apple products including the iPhone XS/XR and the iPad Pro 2018 and the Apple Watch and other new. Last week was the news that Amazon will begin in the house with the beginning of the year and on January 4, 2019 but suddenly started Amazon in the sale of some Apple products mainly the iPad Pro new.

◉ Many of the sellers on the Amazon site complaints from convention Apple Amazon and because of it had suffered trauma in their business where you now challenge and compete against Amazon. Some of them said that he couldn’t compete especially with the new regulations, which do in January 4, and to prevent any vendor from the show Apple products without getting the consent of the “authorised reseller” of Apple.

Tim Cook talks about the convention on the search engine with Google and feel to it

In a television interview with channel HBO, the American asked Tim Cook about the news of the agreement with Google which is search engine basic in iOS compared to the amount of the said $ 3 million and increases in the new year to become a $ 9 billion. The question Tim Cook is Apple sold customer data for this building? What pays Google for this contract and pay the money. And, of course, came the reply from Tim Cook without the development of the amount of cash but he explained that Google offers the best search engine available in markets and being the primary engine of an iPhone is important and useful. As for privacy, said that Google made several steps to improve privacy. He explained that while they were wishing for more, but provided by Google good. Finally, Tim said that the company raised from selling products, not sell customer data so they don’t follow the statements of users of their devices.

Report: Wal-Mart adorn the Apple website from the center of the second Universal

According to a report by the Center for eMarketer about the online shops in America that Amazon continue to lead in 2018 with a market share of 48%, an increase from last year which investigated by 43.1%. Followed by eBay, which share decreased to 7.2% compared to 7.6% last year. Snap is the decline of Apple reset by giant stores actual globe WalMart the largest company in terms of number of employees (more than 2 million employees), which increased Wal-Mart’s share of 3.3% to 4.0% this topples the Apple that has not increased its share almost where I got the 3.9% versus 3.8% last year.

Shopping world now awaits the clash between the giant internet sales, Amazon and a giant egg on the floor of Walmart where he says of the latter to increase its expansion on the internet while going to Amazon opening stores and compete against Wal-Mart in the stadium, which stores the actual.

Foxconn is planning for thousands of employees because of Apple

In an internal document leaked to Bloomberg famous was to get semi-official confirmation that the rumors of reduced production Real where to plant the apple core Foxcon began to strict procedures to reduce cost. The report said that Foxconn intends to reduce expenses and spending, equivalent to 20 million yuan, “ $ 3 million” due to the forecast decrease in revenue. The memo said that among the actions will be separated 10% of the Employment Non-Technical (Foxconn with approximately one million employees in various positions is the separation of tens of thousands). Because Apple’s customer base Foxconn the news like this confirm already that there is a decrease in the demand for Apple devices so there is no need to live in excess.

Video comparison between the Apple Pencil first and second generation

The website MacRumors published a video comparison between the Apple Pencil first and second generation. If you are a fan of the iPad Pen Apple Watch the following video:

Explosive news:

◉ Announced the company Mazda Motor of system support CarPlay your Apple in her car. model 2014 latest by update Mazda Connect.

◉ Apple has launched the update for the second demo for iOS 12.1.1 complaining about the TV tvOS 12.1.1 system Mac 10.14.2 as well as the system second demo for the watchOS 5.1.2

◉ Apple started selling the iPhone XR without limitation participation in company specific contacts SIM Free in store by the American

◉ Report revealed that Apple is intending to launch a broadcast low price to be able to compete with other devices. Currently the price of the Apple TV 179$ and Amazon TV, for devices like the Google Chromecast priced at$ 35, Amazon 4K TV priced at$50.

◉ Apple has to delete the application Tumblr famous shop software, following complaints of the existence of pornographic material to children on the site and the failure of Tumblr for deleting this content.

◉ Revealed leaks that Verizon intends to support virtual slide eSIM beginning of next month.

This is not all the things on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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