News on the sidelines of the week 14-21 March

Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش الأسبوع 7-14 مارس

Apple identify devices iMac and offer a memory of 256 GB for the iMac Pro

In the continuation of the world of Apple this week launched updates of its organs, without conferences or fuss; Apple has updated the family iMac, the new update came to improve the speed of the device substantially as provided Apple is Intel ninth-generation 8-core for the first time as well as the option of a disaster tea of a kind Vega 64X for pro. Devices start from a price of 1299$ for a 21.5 inch processor i3 second generation the processors, the ninth generation for exclusively for the 27-inch starts less device that supports its price 2299$ and increases to to$ 2,699 in the case of option i9 ninth generation. Can be customized the advantages of the iMac even increase the price about 5 thousand dollars.

And on the other Apple has updated the iMac Pro, but focus the on reducing the price of upgraded memory at purchase as well as add options memory 256 GB (RAM not storage). As well as providing the option of a disaster tea of a kind Vega 64 vs $ 550 and 64X at the price of 700$ extra. These options, as well as the option of processor and.3GHz 18-core Intel Xeon W device has become the iMac Pro could up the price to more than $ 15 thousand.

Apple launches the second generation of the headset AirPods

Apple launched its silent this week the second generation of headset its wireless AirPods which came with the option pack supports charging wireless new segment called H1 provides top performance, the best clarity in calls as well as a longer lifespan for 50% of the battery and improve the speed of the connection the iDevice iPhone. The sky come the same price as the previous generation which is 159$ with the option to acquisition with the shipping wireless for a total price of 199$ and if you want to buy a box of shipping the radio to hear your they are sold separately at a price of 79$. New headset is already available in the Apple website “store” will be available next week in stores actual.

Newspaper WSJ: Apple has begun production of the charger radio.

Sources within Apple to WSJ that the company started already in the production of tea and the radio AirPower which the delay provided by the market almost a year. The charger Apple has been revealed with the launch of iPhone X the end of 2017 and said it will be available through 2018 but ended the general did not believe, but it seems that it will be available soon, especially with the leadership of Apple to provide a box charging wireless speaker.

The European Union fined Google $ 1.7 million due to fraud

The European Union issued a new judgement against Google Inc. accusing them of fraud covered by $ 1.7 million due to violation of the laws of freedom of competition during the past 3 financial. The European Union said that Google use practices inappropriate for a monopoly search engine use content advertising propaganda that appears to work is only really Google and anyone can access to view their ads in their site and thus resorted more advertisers to Google and have more information than developed its search engine better.

This judgment brings the total penalties that occurred on Google so far since 2017 due to fraud amounted to $ 9.4 million and became Google the more that sign it the provisions of the monopoly.

Provisions against Apple in the case of Qualcomm

◉ Revealed to the jury in the court Sand Diego that Apple violated 3 patents to Qualcomm and have to pay compensation of $ 31 million to the company. The Qualcomm has asked the court to obtain compensation on a fee loyalty $ 1.41$ on every iPhone it sells to Apple. And by announced Apple disappointment because of the government but does not describe you will resume government or recognized by and community building.

◉ In another case issued a federal judge in California ruled on Apple that Apple is the center of more than a billion dollars for Qualcomm in a case that was stable for more than two years and accused Qualcomm Apple instigated the corporate to sue and thus prevent Qualcomm discounts provided by Apple for use of patents, prompting Apple to sue Qualcomm because it is an agreement of fees between them.

Kaspersky is suing Apple for fraud

The company announced the kick famous in the field of security and protection that she started to sue Apple for fraud and the exercise of the business is intact. The company explained that with the launch of the Apple for Screen Time Screen Time in iOS 12 they informed their company that the settings file configuration profiles of your application Kaspersky Safe Kids became not possible to use thus app significant advantages where this file can parents monitor and control the content displayed by children on the Safari browser. The company said that Apple in the arena for more than 3 years to allow this app to work but all of a sudden decide to shut down some of its advantages after its launch for the same.

Eye statements between Apple and Spotify

◉ See Apple Spotify statements and accusations this week. Beginning last week, where he accused Spotify of Apple to retain and practice the actions of the commercial non-decent by denying them some advantages such as messaging clients and access Siri headphones Apple if you stop the subscription from within the app. And if you do provided the subscription to the Apple get three as commission and thus weaken the income of the app and then its development of Apple News which do not pay any commissions.

◉ Apple responded that she didn’t do anything wrong and impose it on Spotify available on Friday, Apple has said that Spotify is seeking to get the advantages of Apple and its services, but in return I don’t want to pay anything to Apple. Any get more free of charge.

◉ Responded to Spotify for comment, Apple said that all monopolists in history saying they are not doing something and that their actions are normal she said but that Apple’s response is available they will continue to sue it before the European Commission. They said that Apple think that customers of Spotify on iOS are not really their customers but Apple customers and therefore the uniqueness of Apple you what you want but they are in fact customers of Spotify and the pursuit of their interests. Launched the Spotify website called TimeToPlayFair by the extent of the monopoly of Apple.

Speed Test between XS Max and S10+ it is waiting

The channel PhoneBuff post the video of the traditional test of speed in opening and re-opening apps between the iPhone XS Max phone Samsung S10+. The test as usual from the two rounds of the first open application and the second re-open them again to see who keeps the apps in memory longer. Watch the video remember that the Samsung comes with 8 GB memory versus the 4 in the iPhone Max.

IDC report: hardware wearable will continue to grow to 2023

Center said IDC believes that wearable devices will continue to achieve spurts of growth where it is expected to achieve 15.3% growth in 2019. The center also said that smart watches are going to be the mid-year 2019 is expected to reach 90.6 million best selling product, followed by ear headphones 54.4 million and then sports tires 49 million device. By the year 2023 will be the smart clothes are more products achieved a growth of 30.2% (due to sales of its slim currently) will be sales of smart watches to 131 million. As a sports tire according to the report is expected to demonstrate growth by up to 50.4 million pieces, compared to 49 currently.

Apple announces its support for information literacy news

Apple announced a new initiative to support the non-profit which aims to “literacy” newsletter. It is intended that this term and this effort would be the training of young citizens on the way to the sea on the news sound and make sure that the information disseminated to them and to identify reliable sources of news. These products face many challenges recently, especially with the proliferation of many sources which broadcast rumors. For his part, Tim Cook said that the literacy newsletter helps in the development of democracy in the country. Confirmed Apple they check strongly in the sources that accept added in the application of the Apple News own to make sure of the reliability of the news.

News superior

◉ Over the Walt Disney Company the famous process of the acquisition of the company 21st Century Fox this week in a deal worth $ 71 million.

◉ Revealed Amazon about the new generation of book reader Kindle, which came at the price of 90$. The new version features the possibility to modify the lighting.

◉Apple has launched a number of covers of the iPhone and frames the former in different colors “the colors of spring as we called it.”

◉ Apple announced off the possibility of returning to iOS 12.1.3, which is not that impressive on iOS because iOS current supports up to 12.1.2.

◉ Announced Netflix it will not participate in the Apple conference next Monday, March 25. Rumors talked that maybe negotiating Apple with Intel to provide their content within the new subscriptions.

◉ Samsung has announced the beginning of commercial production of the expanded memory capacity of 12 GB of stop LPDDR4X its customers of the smartphone companies and the speed of this version to 4266Mb/s.

◉ Apple has launched the beta version of the previous of iOS 12.2 system clock WatchOS 5.2 and tvOS 12.2 system Mac 10.14.4.

◉ Apple posted other results of the test studies made by the Apple Watch on more than 400 thousand volunteers.

◉ More rumors talked about the advent of the iPhone XI the end of the Year camera three.

◉ Announced Dropbox restrict the number of devices that can use the free account with 3 devices only.

This is not all the news that’s on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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