News on the sidelines of the week 13-20 December

Sometimes appear news of medium importance can not be rubbed not an entire article, so I offer an article a week to make the reader aware of the various news and make sure that when made available we will not win anything.

أخبار على الهامش الأسبوع 22-29 نوفمبر

Goodbye to store CDs.

The developer announced the famous Saurik the owner of the application and the CD that officially closes out the payment via his shop. Cydia started to work since the day of 7 March 2009 and was called to the developers around the world download of applications imposed by Apple on the store; continued for years and is the primary means to improve the application of informal, but some thought that Cydia is for iOS. During the recent years popularity has slipped iOS significantly and it became very difficult pushing Saurik to close the store gradually started to not to accept the plugins are paid. He stated the developer at the same time it will continue to provide some tools for other developers to facilitate the download of their apps on Apple devices.

Qualcomm is seeking to ban the sale of XR/XS in China

Last week I got Qualcomm to court ruling preventing the sale of older Apple devices in China due to violation of patents. And got stuck Apple that these violations are ended and no longer exists in iOS 12 and accordingly will not affect the government in anything. But it seems to quiver Qualcomm has not implemented where officially announced that it has applied the Prohibition of the sale of all iPhone devices including XR/XS in China due to violation of the same my innocence the invention which is odd because these devices released with iOS 12 Apple claims that it does not violate the patents of Qualcomm. Will it make a giant processors and slices contact Qualcomm fired the full Apple product from China?

Apple intends to defeat Qualcomm in China and sympathy of the Chinese government

Apple announced in an official statement that it respects the decision of the court of China, which banned the sale of organs but made it clear that this provision is very detrimental to the sector of smart phones and all the businesses where they’ll be forced now to comply with the request of Qualcomm and pay unreasonable amounts of the fees are expensive; Apple has said that the government will force them to enter a settlement with Qualcomm for the continued sale of its devices in the future. Then began the speech of Apple in the entreaties of the Chinese government where he said that Apple is responsible for 5 million jobs in China and to prevent the sale of organs means a huge loss of taxes on these sales also will be subject to major Chinese companies such as “Foxconn” of losses that prevented Apple from selling its devices in China (Apple sold 50 million devices in China in 2017). She explained to Apple that this does not mean non-compliance of government has promised to issue an update to address points covered by the patents of Qualcomm (this happened with iOS 12.1.2 which was released days before).

The collapse of the capital market American live Apple for its second

It seems that the price of Apple shares has become a news weekly with us where you know the US financial markets collapse this week, prompting the stock to fall back the beauty of the losses Amazon in this decline so large that it lost its center the second of which arrived last week in favor of Apple. Fell the value of Apple’s market value to $ 763 million compared to the 731 Amazon. I tried Microsoft’s lead for the second consecutive week $ 796 million. This can be compared to the image at the top with their counterparts at the bottom to check on the size of the low companies this week.

A former engineer in NASA’s thieves in a funny way

The former engineer worked at NASA for several years to publish the video to the method of his revenge on the thieves who steal the cargo. The way it was a fund say the scattering of “Glitter” and spread an unpleasant smell for thieves. He has worked on this service for 6 months and said Bit content of the flag-shaped tray Apple HomePods. Watch the video:

Apple make a joint 7 to pay 300$ to fix the malfunction was offer to fix it for free

The report revealed that there is a cost of$ 300 you have to pay to fix the problem of the microphone of your iDevice iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which Apple announced the beginning of the year about the discovered devices after upgrading to iOS 11.3. The time Apple has announced that any device means of this problem will be fixed free of charge and provided a special program about this and ended by the end of the month last July. Any Apple has been certified as a technical problem, but if you’ve almost had time to go to Apple now will have to pay 300$ to fix the holidays. It is reported that the iPhone 7 sold in Apple stores at a starting price of 449 $ only which you have to pay nearly two-thirds of the price of a new device to fix a microphone is basically a technical problem of Apple by its own admission.

Facebook Spying on their customers and Apple is one of the beneficiaries of the statements

◉ Report revealed that Facebook monitors the locations of its customers, whatever the operating system who work out and even if they turn off Location Services. The report revealed that announced Facebook it is real and official that the company is relying on several ways to address the client’s site if the off site services are monitored by the IP or Wi-Fi networks that are watching you Facebook even if you hide your location.

◉ Report revealed that Facebook allows companies to different data access are very particular about their customers, the report said that all companies met the famous had to take advantage of this property including Amazon Spotify and flex and finally Apple, which got a lot of information is immoral “because he thought spy indirectly” from Facebook. The report said that Facebook enabled Apple devices track the activity of users within the app as well as people who have changed their contact information or they put towels in the calendar Facebook so for people who have disabled the feature to share information. It is a party denied Apple this and she said she didn’t know anything about him and he was able to access this information via Facebook.

◉ The company issued a Facebook clarification on some points that I talked about reports especially point share personal messages with Netflix Spotify and they said that this happened during the development of the merge feature conversations with these apps where they were meant to enable the users of these applications to talk with friends inside the service. With regard to the participation of some other data, he commented that this is normal and happens with all companies it is like to request of the Alexa such as reading emails your. It was their goal to enable “personal assistant” to read the messages your FB.

Music Apple is now supported by Amazon’s Alexa.

Maybe we don’t care about this news, mainly, but we publish it to illustrate the continuing improvement in relations between Apple and Amazon, which started with support for Amazon for Apple in the video then the agreement between Apple and Amazon we first products in the sites recent; this week he was surprised the users of iPhone as well as headphones Amazon-backed assistant to the Alexa messages stating that service Apple TV for music now supported, i.e. you can use the headset to Amazon to listen to songs from Apple’s service. Promised Amazon that soon, she will provide update to support water in all the heavens that work call Alexa of different companies i.e. not exclusively on its devices.

Explosive news from Apple

◉ Apple has published a series of videos to explain the way to use the Apple Watch fourth generation.

◉Announced developer Saurik that released update for the tool Cydia Substrate is an essential tool used by a lot of developers in the world of iOS. The new update supports devices from iOS 3.0 to iOS 11.3.1.

◉ Apple has appointed Andrew Kim, a leader of the design team at Tesla Tesla motor as well as had the former leaders at Microsoft and within the team the design of the HoloLens and all the organizers of the “system of enhanced reality will be” are the products coming from Apple.

◉ Apple announced that Shazam owned him now without ads. The Apple has acquired the app in a final 3 months ago (before the period announced acquisitions but the rest of the procedural steps).

◉ Apple announced that the feature analysis Analytics special at Mac now available to developers across the services within the App Store Connect.

◉ Report revealed that Apple’s improvement is extremely weak in its sales in India due to extreme poverty, there where only 25% of Indians own a smartphone and 75% of the smartphones sold at a price of $ 250 or less which is a huge challenge for Apple.

◉ Apple announced add free credits face a 10% gift to those leading the charge account balance Apple American in the period between 17 to 20 December.

◉ Admitted to Apple that there are some iPads Pro 2018 already are to kneel and tuck because of the aluminum slim own and explained that this is very limited and does not affect the performance of the device and it is “normal” which I don’t think the possibility of bending the iPad as a drawback in the industry.

◉ Apple announced that it will soon allow the gifting of purchases from within applications through software store. Currently allow the gifting of applications only.

◉ Apple has sent the first beta version of iOS 12.1.3 later.

◉ Apple has patented network of wireless AirPower which is expected to be announced by Apple after a series of delays.

◉ France announced that it conducted to develop a new tax code will lead to Apple Pay Google $ 570 million annually.

News superior technology

◉ Microsoft announced about the situation Dark “Dark Mode” in the pantry for Mac OS Mojave.

◉ View the site BHPhotoVideo headset Apple HomePods at a discounted price of$ 100 which sold for 249$ instead of 349$.

◉ Announced the company LastPass that because of the support of Apple service of autocomplete for passwords increased use of the application by more than 50% and indicated that 94% of app users on iOS and now they are users of iOS 12.

◉ Announced Foxconn and that it will not enter into any settlement with Qualcomm in the legal differences between their fees and patents. That statement came in response to Apple’s statement, which said that he was forced to register with Qualcomm.

◉ Detection company pluck flex it has achieved revenues of 790 million iOS devices only and thus controls more of the company revenues from software store.

This is not all the news that’s on the sidelines, but came to you are, is not necessary for the non-specialist to operate the same each anion contained, there are more important things to do in your life, don’t make the hardware run or distract you from your life and your duties, and that the technology exists to record you life and you, and robbed you of your life and set up by the no.


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