News of high technologies: moving to Mars and the uprising of the neural networks

Recently neural networks have made such a step forward that even begin to worry about the fate of humanity… what happened, you ask? Now in all will understand.

1. For example, neural networks have learned to create a human face. The corresponding project has launched one of the developers of Uber, which employs a combination of two neural networks to create site-generator realistic. And the service is able to create the image of a man and an animal.

One of the neural networks responsible for the creation of the image, and the second analyzes the image for realism. When generating a faces the neural network uses the features of several people, and then adapts them to the desired age, facial expressions, hair length, and other parameters. However, sometimes a neural network can be wrong, giving a few individuals in a single frame or combining features of the elderly person with the image of the young man.

This is what you can do with the base of such persons! And to think terribly.

2. Meanwhile, Elon Musk announced the approximate cost of moving to Mars. Suffice it to sell their homes on the Land and invest the money in space move. In addition, Musk even offered a bonus for those who still dare: the ability to return back to the Earth will be completely free. If you survive, of course…

Accessible space travel Elon Musk wants to do with Starship – fully reusable spacecraft for a comfortable delivery the centurion person to Mars in one launch, and in the future and beyond. Recently, the company has already conducted the second test firing of the significantly upgraded engine Raptor.

Musk is confident that once the move to Mars will cost less than $ 500,000, and maybe even less than $ 100,000.

3. Remember the organization of Mars One? The same one that promised to send people to colonize Mars and make it a real reality TV show? So, it is bankrupt, according to the financial documents that were published online. They indicate that the company is put under liquidation.

In 2018, Mars One has planned to launch the demonstration mission: send a lander to test solar technology to extract water from the Martian soil, as well as launching communication satellites. But… failed. It should be noted that overly ambitious plans of Mars One already since the announcement was recognized by external experts too unrealistic, especially given the proposed budget reality shows and the cost of space launches.

The main financial support for the development of the project was planned to obtain through the sale of rights for TV-broadcast. It was assumed that Mars One will be the most expensive reality show in TV history.

4. And Ford has created a “smart” bed, solves the problem of many couples. No, it’s not a loud male snore at night. Bed solves common among couples when the second half constantly intrudes on the second part of the bed and prevents your loved one to sleep.

«Умная» кровать Ford

The bed consists of a conveyor belt, which moves a soft surface to the left or right when one of the sleepers intrudes on the other side. To recognize these moments, the bed uses pressure sensors. Thus, when one person is on the other side, he immediately moved to his side — no one is awakened from a sound sleep.

At the moment the bed is on the concept stage. Whether there is it in sale yet.

5. Meanwhile, beneath the ice of Greenland found a huge crater. How many are there? At least two: one with a diameter of 31 kilometers, the second is 36 kilometers.

It is believed that both the crater was formed by falling meteorites. On the surface of the Earth is about 200 impact craters, and a couple of harp is the only thing under a thick crust of ice. The age of the first crater is estimated at 100 000 years, and the second crater was probably formed in more ancient times.

Огромный кратер в Гренландии

Researchers are surprised and excited at the seemingly studied along and across the Earth can you find such huge craters.

These are the main news from the world of high technology for the week. What do you think, what other such secrets is fraught with Land? What awaits humanity? Write about it in our Telegram chat.

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