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Every Monday in the new issue of “News of high technologies” we summarize the results of the last week, talking about some of the most important events, the key discoveries and inventions. Today we will talk about flexible smartphone Samsung, electric Harley-Davidson. Below the news you can find in a text format.

Harley-Davidson motor

After four years since the first showing of the concept of the famous company Harley-Davidson has finally unveiled their electric motorcycle. The announcement took place at the motosalon EICMA, held in Italy. Almost ready for mass production electric bike got the name Harley-Davidson LiveWire. Orders for the novelty will start to take next year.

For stimulation of sales of new products the company is going to install all of the dealerships that will deal with the implementation of electric bike charging stations 2 level (produces 7 kW of power, working from the current to 30A 240-Volt).

About the price of the bike as its modifications and inventory turn company unfortunately, at the time of presentation did not report. However, it is known that the motorcycle will operate on the basis of electric motor with permanent magnets, which will be located at the lowest point of the vehicle frame to lower center of gravity, which will contribute to better handling at various speeds, and braking.

LiveWire will offer seven modes of the drive, three of which can be adjusted manually. Basically, these modes relate to the configuration of the high-tech suspension Shows. In addition, the motorcycle has a custom color digital display located above the wheel. You can connect to it via Bluetooth, controlling navigation, music and other functions.

Samsung showed a foldable smartphone

Samsung showed a foldable smartphone. Based on what was shown at the conference and as it was shown (in dim light), the device is still at a very early stage of development, because when folded, it literally looks like a small brick with an external display. Something like this has happened in one of the exhibitions MWC, when we showed the prototype device, which then turned into a Galaxy S8.

The device can unfold. To do this, Samsung invented a new technology, called Flex Infinity Display. In the unfolded state, the gadget flaunts a large, rather a mini tablet and not a phone with a square screen size of 7.3 inches.

During the demonstration, it was shown that the device is capable of simultaneously displaying up to three applications. This is achieved by using software technology, which Samsung called the “multi window”. It also became known that Google intends to support emerging devices Android operating system.

Kazakhstan traded “Baikonur” at SpaceX

Starting November 20, the first two scientific and technological satellites for scientific purposes and technological purposes of Kazakhstan decided not to carry out from the cosmodrome “Baikonur” forces of the Russian state Corporation Roscosmos, and by the private us company SpaceX and its Falcon 9 rocket. Sending two satellites into orbit will be carried out with military Vandenberg AFB in California.

This information was confirmed by press Secretary of the Ministry of defense and the aerospace industry of Kazakhstan asset Organovym. In fact, the talk that the launch will be conducted by the American party began last year. Ironically, then, the news came amid reports about the loss at start c of the Vostochny space centre 19 nanosatellites, 17 of which were of foreign production.

The first remote sensing satellite Ground resolution of 17 meters developed by Kazakh and British engineers. The second unit, which is used to study the ionosphere of the planets to predict earthquakes, developed by Kazakh specialists.

The rejection of a kilogram

Le Grand K

If the standard meter and second are the fundamental laws of physics, the kilogram is the piece of metal. To avoid problems, scientists intend to abandon the standard of the nineteenth century.

The actual standard kilogram was created in 1889. He kept at the headquarters of the International Bureau of weights and measures BIPM and is a cylinder of an alloy of platinum and iridium in a ratio of 90% to 10%. With a height and diameter 39,17 mm, it is stored in two sealed caps glass.

In order to compare ideas about kilogram between countries adopting metric Convention, was created 80 copies of the reference. Their mass is compared with mass standard every 40 years, and it was observed that the difference in their mass reaches 50 micrograms. Even the misunderstanding between the two countries at this level can be a source of disaster. The cause of the difference could be anything, for example, absorption by the metal molecules from the air or weathering.

To solve the problem and to avoid accidents, 16 November 2018, the Bureau will hold a special meeting. It will take a final decision on whether to replace the current standard of more modern counterpart, does not change its properties after a time.

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