News high-tech: the world’s first heart, printed on a 3D printer

Over the past few days Elon Musk is not a joke raged — took and planted for the first time all the three stages of Falcon Heavy. But it’s not as interesting as the fact that scientists were able to revive the brain four hours after death. How? Now this will tell you, there is still about a couple of news.

1. First, the Mask really didn’t go over so smoothly. SpaceX took and lost successfully landed the main stage of the rocket Falcon Heavy. The step landed on a robotic barge in the Atlantic ocean, but to save her failed. At wave height of 2.5-3 meters accelerator began to shift from a floating platform and not resist, crashed into the ocean.

Generally in such cases, the barge has a special robot Octagrabber, which should steadily fix the accelerator after planting. But since the main stage of Falcon Heavy is Falcon 9 modifications and connects to the two side boosters, its configuration is somewhat different from the usual stage of the Falcon 9, so the robot would not be able to fix it on the barge.

In the summer of this year, SpaceX has scheduled another launch of the Falcon Heavy. This will use a completely new basic stage.

2. Presents the world’s first heart, printed on a 3D printer of human tissue! So, at least, say scientists from tel Aviv University — to print a small heart, they used only human tissue that will not be rejected by the body. The composition of the artificial organ includes the necessary blood vessels, the protein collagen to create connective tissue and a variety biological molecules.

The researchers claim that the heart is able to contract, but it is important to make her cells began to work together. To say that such a heart is able to completely replace the donor organ, and researchers have to work on all found disadvantages.

By the way, this is the first case where someone has successfully designed and printed a whole heart cells, blood vessels, ventricles and cells.

3. Something incredible happened: the scientists restored the cellular activity of the brain of pigs a few hours after animal death. This is the resurrection, which was able to produce with the help of a complex system of artificial fluid, occurred four hours after the death of the pigs at slaughter.

Scientists put the 32 brain in the artificial system known as the BrainEX camera with a specially designed fluid, replacing the blood that is pumped through the blood vessels, delivers oxygen, sugar and other necessary ingredients at body temperature to maintain the functioning of the brain. Six hours later the system is dead brains showed signs of activity.

Of course, the human brain is such a study while no one to hold not ready. However, this method in any case increases the likelihood that these approaches will one day be able to restore some function in the tissue of the human brain.

4. Meanwhile, in a Chinese desert, they built Martian base for children. In the middle of the Chinese desert, the Gobi appeared a simulator of the Mars base. However, instead of placing astronauts wishing to live on the red planet, this object is populated by teenagers.

On a white base with silver domes is nine modules, including living quarters, control room, the greenhouse and the air lock. Teenagers wear suits and go to the desert trekking, exploring caves similar to the Martian landscape. The nearest town is about 40 kilometers.

Company engaged in this project, is planning to open a base for tourists next year. At present this educational institution. And while teenagers toy explore Mars, China plans to send a probe to the real Red planet next year.

How you consider, whether printed on a 3D printer organs to save mankind from the necessity of transplantation of donor hearts, kidneys and other body parts? Your opinion you can write in the comments or discuss topics in our Telegram chat.

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