News Facebook – closing a 1.5 million account and delete messages after they are sent and the new one!

The region has seen social the most universally popular “Facebook” recently a series of amendments to the huge included modifying the usage policy and amendments to the security and a set of tools to control content in a way not seen in the region since the launch of the first time in 2008.

The last of these strict policies had been in the report from Facebook refers to the deletion of approximately 1.5 million fake account and 2.1 million conversation is undesirable, in the period between April and September this year.

The report notes how Facebook with issues such as nudity, hate speech, and terrorist propaganda, violent content, accounts, Fake, also confirmed the report that he was dealing with 95.9% of the content that has been reported.

The new interface of Facebook Messenger

Last May, Facebook announced that it will simplify the interface to application Messenger, to a smaller number of tabs so that you can simply stay connected.

Included new amendments re-design streamlined interface New, put dark areas, remove some of the shortcuts and features that are not used by people.

And now began Facebook officially send the new update to users of the exchange, the updates included reducing the number of windows in the facade from 9 to only 3 on the bottom, the bottom to it on the talks, contacts and final games, and Chatbots. Other than that containing the chat window on the interface is not crowded contain codes tests the simplest in each place.

Did you get the new update?

Feature delete messages after sending

I didn’t spend days on confirmation Facebook My plan to add the option to delete messages after transmission, or in other words Undo Send, to the application Messenger on both Android and iOS, even got the feature Unsend message to a number of countries around the world and they are Bolivia, Colombia, Lithuania and Poland, to show to the users in these four countries, only the option to delete messages after they are sent.

To delete a message I sent by mistake, you will have to click and hold on the message and choose the option “remove all”. Will delete the message permanently from all of the recipients, but Facebook will retain this letter for only a short time to ascertain the possibility of review if the reported harassment.

Like WhatsApp, this feature is available for a limited number of minutes, here in the messenger of the time limit to delete messages after transmission is 10 minutes.

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