News Apple, issue 290: 11 iPhone-style iPhone 5 and new iPod Touch!

If you’re watching this video, so the week has come to an end and it’s time to tell you what events from the world of Apple it remembered. Go!

1. Infinitely possible to do three things: watch as the fire burns, how water flows and to wait when Apple will finally start production of AirPower. Apple promised to release a wireless charging back in 2018, but…something went wrong.

And then, imagine one Twitter user, citing a reliable source in the supply chain, reported that Apple is ready to launch production of AirPower. It is expected that the device manufacturer will make the company Luxshare Precision, which at the moment produces for American corporations AirPods headphones and accessories USB Type-C.

While there is no reliable information on the timing of release of AirPower on the market, however, the source claims that the wireless platform will be available this spring. It would be cool and we are tired to carry a separate charger for the iPhone and Apple Watch.

2. In the week rumor has it that Apple will release iPhone 11 design (what do you think?) iPhone 5!

With the iPad Pro in 2018, Apple introduced the one-piece design with the more severe forms. In the past those curved edges that have long graced the iPad and still visible on the iPhone. iPad Pro 2018 has sharp edges and more like a solid piece of aluminium than before.

Of course, it’s a design that Apple used in the iPhone before. In many respects the iPad Pro 2018 visible reference to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. It was a time when the iPhone had a more compact design. Although the appearance of iPhone 11 remain a mystery, one of the most likely scenarios for Apple would be to base the look of the new tablet to refresh the iPhone this year.

How would it look? Well, like this.

It seems that this year the fans of iPhone SE will definitely be a celebration!

3. Officially, Apple has also managed to please us — took and released a Smart Battery Case for the new iPhone. Bloggers wanted to charge with this case iPhone X, but…there it was! It turned out that the phone you first need to upgrade to the latest iOS version.

After the update was installed on their smartphone Smart Battery Case began regularly to serve him food.

However, if you are going to buy Smart Battery Case for use with your iPhone X, it is better still not to do. According to the content of the official website of Apple support case compatible with iPhone XS and is not designed to work with iPhone X. This means that any problems in the operability of the accessory with the original “ten” will not be considered by Apple as the warranty, so free then no one will repair.

4. And yet, rumor has it, the iPhone 11 will receive a battery of 4,000 mAh battery and a powerful charger in the kit. Additional 826 mAh definitely will require to complement the smartphone more powerful charger. If you believe the content of the leaks, this year Apple will do this and will replace the outdated 5-watt power supply solution with an output power of 15 watts. Finally, and it is already two years waiting!

Now iPhone is a smartphone with one of the non-energy batteries are in the class and certainly the slowest charge available out of the box. Therefore, even if the Chinese invented insider information about upcoming improvements, for Apple it would be better to do so in order not to lose authority.

Of course, it would be possible to give the OLED to increase the working time of the batteries, but it is certainly not the Apple-way. Look at the conventional IPS after this screen is a real pain.

5. And hardly a week goes by without someone not had an attack of nostalgia for the old Apple devices. This time it was iPod Touch is supposedly this year the company will update your player with blackjack and all related.

On the one hand, the iPod Touch makes sense 100%. In any case, a low cost device has the potential to provide him with a relatively high demand and, as a consequence, become a major tool in the hands of Apple for the distribution of branded services. But it is in theory. In practice, I don’t doubt it — will be different. Being able to buy SE iPhone or iPad 9.7” no one will pay attention to the new iPod Touch, except for a few fans.

By the way, more than 90% of survey participants conducted in our Telegram chatconfirmed this version, saying that will not buy an iPod Touch, because they do not see the slightest sense.

And yet there is another render of the iPhone 11 showed that wants to “unsee”, and the main chips in Apple decided to go Intel. So do not relax! By the way, subscribe to our channel at Yandex.Zen. There are exclusive materials that do not come to the site.

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