News Apple, issue 285: ECG in the Apple Watch and the 4 most popular iPhone

We present to your attention the next issue of the news program news from Apple. Today we will talk about the most popular iPhone, ECG in the Apple Watch 4 and more!

1. The prices of Apple products could rise even more regardless of the will of their manufacturer. According to The Wall Street Journal, citing the statement of the President of the United States Donald trump. According to him, he did not rule out the possibility of taxing the companies that import their equipment from China, and Apple, 10-, and 25-percent collection.

2. Apple withdrew the signature iOS 12.0.1. This means that the owners of all compatible devices, at all desire will not be able to install this version of the mobile operating system.

3. Weak demand for the flagship model of the iPhone has meant that Apple was forced again to reduce the volume of their production, for the second time since their release in September. According to the insiders, Apple’s reduced orders for the iPhone XS iPhone but XR.

4. iPhone XR is the best selling smartphone of Apple since the start of its sales, said Greg Joswiak, head of marketing Department of the Corporation in a recent interview with CNET. According to a top Manager, “affordable” iPhone according to quantitative sales managed to surpass even the flagship models of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max and become an absolute bestseller in its class.

Despite many negative forecasts of analysts, iPhone XR apparently managed to justify the hopes placed in him. This contributed to the relatively low price on the background of the flagship models, uncompromising specs, and the bright colors of the housing.
The head of the marketing Department did not comment on rumors of a possible reduction in production orders for their iPhone line by 2018. Instead, the top Manager started to tell us about the high demand for the iPhone XR that may point us to the fact that the reduction of the production actually took place.

5. The U.S. Supreme court may allow the emergence of analogues of the App Store.

If the judge decides to admit the truth of the plaintiffs, Apple can expect big trouble. The company may be required to eliminate violations of competition law, in particular by ceasing to provide barriers to the emergence of the market of third party application directories, and reduce the amount of Commission levied on each transaction effected in the App Store.
No matter how unreal didn’t look like the outcome, its probability is high enough. Anyway, the case is not a district court, whose decision can always be challenged, and the Supreme court, whose decision will not be able to cancel no one.

Recall that the user group has addressed with the claim in court about compulsion of Apple Inc. to reduce the amount of a fee charged to developers who publish their apps in the App Store. According to plaintiffs, a thirty percent fee is forcing content creators to raise prices on its designs, which in turn adversely affects the financial condition of consumers.

6. Apple will officially release the app for the reading of ECG with the help of the Apple Watch Series 4 as part of the update watchOS No. 5.1.2, which is now in beta testing. About this MacRumors reports with reference to the document intended for internal use among employees. The update should come out before the end of this year, revealing the full potential of branded smart watches new generation of Apple.

By default, the application for ECG will be available only to users from USA. This limitation stems from the fact that the commercial use of medical functions of the Apple Watch, Apple was granted only at home. Despite this, testing the innovation, the more likely and residents of other countries. All that is required is to change the region of the actual location of the user in the Settings app.

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