News Apple, issue 282: 2 AirPods and popular iPhone XR

We present to your attention the next issue of the news program news from Apple. Today we will talk about 2 AirPods, popularity, iPhone XR and more!

1. Next year, Apple will cease to publish data on the number of sold iPhone, iPad and Mac. This statement to investors made by Luca Maestri, chief financial officer of the company during the reporting conference for the fourth quarter, which took place in the night of 1 to November 2.

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2. Apple has started selling refurbished iPhone 8. Buying a refurbished iPhone 8, you can save 16 % off the price of the new device, that is as much as $ 100.

3. Apple has cancelled orders for the production of an additional batch of iPhone XR, which are pre-placed at their Assembly partners from China. It is reported by the consulting company Nikkei Asian Review.

4. Sale AirPods second-generation release which fans have been waiting for the October event producer, to commence in the near future. It follows from the materials of the Agency owned by Bluetooth SIG, Apple issued a certificate for the implementation of new wireless headphones. Permits, in addition to evidence of impending release of long-awaited accessory on sale, contains some details about the technologies underlying it.

It may seem that the certification was received two versions of the AirPods 2: A2031 and A2032. But in fact it is one model, divided into right and left headphones, each of which requires separate registration. It was exactly the same last year.

The novelty is equipped with Bluetooth technology 5.0, which, though not having a major impact on the quality of the transmitted sound due to range expansion should have a positive impact on battery life of the headphones. Due to this, Apple will have to increase the built-in battery capacity novelties, focusing all their attention on the expansion of its functionality.

5. In the third quarter of 2018, Apple took only the third place in the number of global smartphone shipments. Despite the fact that she lost first and second place to Samsung and Huawei, she is doing not as bad as it seems. This is evidenced by a report from Kantar Worldpanel, which proved the popularity of the iOS platform and the increased interest of buyers to one of the iPhone models.

According to the head of Kantar Worldpanel, July-September 2018 the most popular smartphone from Apple in the US were iPhone 8 with a 9.4% market share. Thanks to iOS being the second most popular mobile platform in the world with a 39.7% stake, increased its popularity by as much as 5 points compared with the 2017 year.

The growth of active iOS users in the U.S., was spotted in China, Australia and Germany. The Android operating system also gained popularity in many countries, but she was not lucky in the markets of China, Australia and the USA. It is believed that after the release of iPhone iOS XR to the end of the year will continue to show strong growth.

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