News Apple, issue 278: problems iPhone XS and the new iPad in Russia

We present to your attention the next issue of the news program news from Apple. Today we will talk about the problems of the iPhone XS and XS Max, the new iPad in Russia, and more!

1. On 8 October Apple has released iOS 12.0.1. This is the first update to the latest version of mobile OS from Apple, which, though not new features, includes a number of fixes of critical bugs that have existed since the release of the final iOS build 12.

2. Some iPhone XS and XS Max can suffer from light podlahoviny interface. On this forum Apple technical support write to owners of affected devices. The problem persisted regardless of the installed version of the operating system.

3. According to analysts from Mixpanel, running the latest build of the mobile operating system Apple has been working for more than half of all compatible devices. According to experts, users are much more willing to go to iOS 12 than a year earlier on iOS 11.

4. Apple has registered in the territory of the Eurasian economic community, the new iPad, which will probably be presented as part of the October presentation. It follows from the materials of the official website of the Eurasian economic Commission. The approval of the Ministry means that the device passed the test the Federal security service and may be adopted for implementation in Russia and other countries of the EEA.

All, according to the EEC, Apple has registered 15 iPad models: A1538, A1670, A1876, A1893, A1980, A1550, A1671, A1709, A1954, A1979, A1985, and A2013 A2013. This abundance of models who have registered, caused by configuration differences. While some will be equipped with only Wi-Fi module, others will have a slot for a physical SIM card with the possibility of using LTE networks.

If you remember, some models have already appeared in the database of the EEC in the summer of this year, but they had worked under iOS 11, whereas now their software is based on iOS twelfth revision.

5. Prices on iPhone 2019 model year may be lower than the vehicles actual generation, to the materials of the report, the publication DigiTimes, referring to sources in the supply chain. The change in the pricing policy in relation to the brand of Apple can happen because of the unwillingness of the manufacturer to equip future devices that support 5G, which has the potential to become the new trend on the mobile market next year.

If Apple would prefer to postpone the introduction of a new communication standard by 2020, more likely, it will be extremely difficult to continue to justify such high prices for branded smartphones, while maintaining a high level of sales, concluded the interlocutors DigiTimes. The most logical way out, according to industry sources, it would be a temporary reduction in retail prices below the existing level to maintain stable demand.

However, Apple does not know whether to equip iPhone 2019 model year support 5G. If the company finds that it can afford such a step should not be omitted even greater growth for smartphones.

6. iPad Pro 2018 model year, the release of which should take place during the October presentation, obviously, to be truly professional devices. It is reported by 9To5Mac, citing industry sources who have shared details of the upcoming tablets from Apple. According to interlocutors of the edition, the novelty will receive a modified appearance, but also a number of absolutely unique line of iPad functionality.

According to the report, the iPad Pro 2018 are coded representations iPad8.1, iPad 8.2, iPad8.3, 8.4 iPad, iPad 8.5, 8.6 iPad, iPad iPad 8.7 and 8.8, indicating at least eight versions.

Display the new iPad Pro will have a thinner frame than previous generations, will lose the Home button as well, unlike the iPhone X will be completely symmetric. Obviously, the dimensions of the top frame is sufficient to accommodate the TrueDepth system responsible for face recognition. the Resolution matrix if and grow, it is in proportion to the diagonal, while the indicator ppi.

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