News Android: Pack gum against the fingerprint

We are here every week on the news going to talk today… we will not break this tradition. After all, the reason is — out Samsung is working on two foldable smartphones! Ah, life does not teach anything. On this and many other now tell.

You probably noticed a sea of news about what Samsung brings the launch of the Galaxy Fold. This was written, it seems, everything edition. But how do you that Samsung is working on two more foldable smartphones that have received the name “Type G” and “Type S”! The device, as reported, are equivalent to delayed Galaxy Fold, but larger.

The first device “Type G”, as stated in the material of The Bell, in expanded form has an 8-inch display and two sides that fold, forming the letter “G”. “Type S” reportedly has a large 13-inch display in the unfolded state and is folded resembles the letter “S”. The Koreans decided the naming Honda inspired?

When will it appear? Even Samsung don’t know. After all, the company officially postponed the launch of the Galaxy Fold in China and other regions due to these display issues, apparently, decided to take a little break to finalize its first foldable smartphone.

Oppo on a horse!

Meanwhile, the New OPPO Reno officially presented! Reno and Reno 10x Zoom 5G anything but a flagship will not be called.

Not much going into technical details, OPPO Reno 10x Zoom is equipped with OLED-display 6.6 inch without any recesses and holes, thanks to the unique retractable mechanism with a selfie camera at 16 MP on the front side and flash from the back, which resembles a shark fin. The main feature of the smartphone (and the reason for its unusual name) is the periscopic camera on the back with 10x zoom hybrid that combines the wide and ultrawide lenses.

In OPPO Reno diagonal OLED display is slightly smaller – at 6.4 inches, but it is still the same almost-invisible bezel and selfie camera similar with OPPO Reno 10x Zoom is located in the “shark fin”. No joke — smartphones cool, but where on the camera will come with — in the tray for the SIM card? No, wait a second…

The fingerprint scanner vs. A pack of gum

And here is the screen a fingerprint scanner at all deceived by the wrapping from the gum! What the fingerprint scanner in Nokia 9 PureView is so bad, in fact, I think almost everyone who used it. The fact is that when the machine was in the hands of the first users, it became clear that to unlock it, in most cases, it was necessary to apply considerable skill and spend a lot of time, as the scanner just refused to read was the prints, requiring that you push harder, then try again.

Nokia has listened to its users and started working on update, but it soon became clear that the company, apparently, overdid it in his update, and now Nokia 9, you can unlock your finger, which is not even registered in the system, but the funny thing is that one instance managed to unblock it by using tools – package from under the gum.

The conclusion is: use the old password – not as convenient, but reliable.

And then copied Apple?

Have Honor too, not all smooth sailing — a member of the Chinese sub-brand Huawei — Honor, lost a prototype of the future smartphone somewhere in Germany. But the interesting thing about this story is not the fact of loss, and the price you are willing to pay Honor to return the prototype back.

Stole it or it just fell out of my pocket, hard to say, but Honor is hoping the prototype will return, and ready to pay his remuneration in the amount of 5,000 euros. Honor was not afraid of the publicity of this case because, as befits a prototype dressed in a special protective case that completely conceals its design, the true size and even some opportunities. This case is designed to prevent premature declassification, and therefore to make it just will not work. Therefore, even if the prototype is not returned, remove it from the case without damage to the new owner, most likely, will not work.

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