New Zion: how to mine Bitcoin people and that it needs to

Than just not scaring the opponents of Bitcoin other people. The network of cryptocurrency supposedly consumes too much energy that could be spent on more necessary things. We may not yet have found the most “efficient” source of energy for Bitcoin? Danish enthusiasts from the organization with the quite eloquent title is the answer to this question.

The cheapest electricity

The Institute of Human Aging (IoHO) addressed the problem of converting the life of living beings into electricity. Since some organizations are very tolerant of animal experiments, it was decided to go directly to the people.

In 2015, representatives IoHO managed to get 37 volunteers who agreed to attach to your body thermoelectric generators. For the entire period of the experiments of electricity production took a total of 212 hours. In the end I managed to produce only to 127.2 watt or 0.6 watt per hour per person. So how many people need for mining one bitcoin in a month?

As example, take the Antminer S9. Asik consumes 1375 watts per hour and mainit about 0.6 bitcoins per year. Based on roughly estimating the need to provide a 27.5 kW per hour for the work of Asimov.

If we can “assemble” a 0.6 watt per hour per person, we will need a 45 833,33 volunteer. It is better to round up to 45 834 because the division of man into parts can also cause the wrath of the defenders. Where do you find so many volunteers?

Source: Circle of Confusion

In fact, their number can be reduced. The method of “harvesting electricity” from IoHO is not very efficient — gives people a thermoelectric generator only 1 per cent of body heat. If you take almost 100 percent, can be limited to only 320 volunteers. However, it is unlikely that someone will agree to spend your life in a cocoon.

In other words, we should continue to look for natural sources of electricity. Where to take them? Share your ideas in our cryptodata.


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