New Zealand companies grant local calls from the use of equipment 5G, a subsidiary of Huawei for security reasons


After three months of prevention on the launch of 5G in Australia, the company received Huawei new blow, this time from New Zealand. He said the intelligence agency in the country to grant local calls Spark from the use of equipment 5G developed by company Huawei, noting that it has concerns about national security.

Think Spark is one of the leading telecom major in New Zealand First submitted a request to start use of the new generation of wireless telecom network. The general said Andrew Hampton, who is director of the Office of the communications security of the government it was identified a big security risk on the network.

The company Huawei to respond to it along with a spokesman for the Ministry of the emerging Chinese, they expressed their dissatisfaction with the extreme and emphasized that it was signed more than 20 contracts in all parts of the world, and there is nothing to worry about.

It should be noted that Huawei is working on the development of the telecom network in New Zealand since the launch of the fourth generation network 4G LTE in the country note that they invested more than $ 270 billion on it. The minister said intelligence services, Mr. Andrew Little : ” the difference between the fifth-generation networks and networks of the fourth generation and the second generation of the traditional is setting”. Thanks to new technology, you can access all of the components of the new network.

Authorized telecommunications company of New Zealand other 2degrees that if there was a similar effect, it would represent ” a real disappointment for the competition“, while the company refused to Vodafone New Zealand to comment on it.



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