New ways to protect your home

When it comes to home security, you want to the offers on the market of security systems was not less than, for example, in the smartphone market. Not so long ago there was another player in this field. We learned that he can offer clients and I can say a few words about it.

This week at a special event held in Prague, were presented new solutions to ensure the safety of home and building management, branded Perenio.

The event was timed to the release of products brand on the markets of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. At the same time, preparing not just the output of specific products, and full support in these markets, taking into account all local legal requirements.

For example, all processing of data that is sent from the system to the server and back takes place only on servers located on Russian territory.

The company Perenio IoT spol.s.r.o. based in the Czech Republic, but it has several centers of research and development, which are in the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Belarus. The entire research potential of the company aimed at solving problems for management, protection, control and monitoring of what is happening in homes, offices and other residential and non-residential premises.

In addition, the company intends to offer products not only for private consumers wanting to protect your home, and ready-made commercial solutions for enterprises, Commerce, services and other similar activities.

The company is positioning their products not just as a smart house in the traditional sense of the term, but as a complete solution for managing buildings and premises, which will not only add functionality to the object, but also to protect it.

To increase the level of security now offers all major sensors and systems. Among them we can list the following:

  • a compact full HD camera
  • FullHD camera with motion sensor
  • wireless smoke sensor
  • wireless leak sensor
  • wireless motion sensor
  • wireless opening sensor
  • the system center management Perenio

To the control center you can connect up to a hundred devices whose data will be processed and sent to the owner of the premises through the server. The control system is possible via a branded app, which has multiple sections and allows not only to control the system and receive alerts, warnings and other important information

Also, what system software is localized for each country in which it was supplied, it also supports standard ZigBee, which allows it to become more flexible and reliable.

Besides the already released products, the company continues to develop new that will be presented in the near future. This will not only offer new solutions and expand the functionality and reliability of the system as a whole.

The market of smart home systems, Internet of things and building management is still in its infancy. The first system and the device appeared long ago, but overall still have something to strive for and where to develop. That is why I am glad that companies continue to enter the market and compete and thus push each other to improve the quality of the products. From all of this in the final scores customer wins.

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