New vulnerability allows password iPhone

Matthew Hickey, safety specialist, was able to discover a new vulnerability in iOS that allows you to choose a password for the iPhone. A researcher has bypassed the time limit and number of attempts using a conventional keyboard. About it reports the edition ZDNet.

His method the hacker explains:

Instead of having to enter each password in turn, should send them all at once. The number of attempts will be unlimited because of the features work iOS connected devices. This method also involves the bypass of the function “erase”.

To begin the process of selection, you need only an external USB keyboard connected to iPhone. She will be sent all necessary requests. The vulnerability affects all devices with iOS 11.3 or lower.

According to Matthew, the password hacking is not as fast as we would like. For example, each password takes 3 to 5 seconds. That is, in order to pick up a six-digit code-access will take a few weeks. Of course, this pales in comparison with hardware systems GrayKeywho can “open” any iOS device for 11 hours. However, the fact of burglary, using only the means at hand — is very significant.

Recall that in iOS 11.4.1 introduced a feature that limits the ability USB. This means that any connected accessories via the Lightning connector cannot be used if it is more than hours since last unlock the device.

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