New video shows the phone Chamie rollaway Mi Fold

فيديو جديد يظهر هاتف شامي القابل للطي Mi Fold

It seems that Shaw seeks to shed light on her phone rollaway which probably carries the name of the Mi Fold again after his appearance, however, its executive director two months ago, Linda, a new short video that shows the phone and the folding of both edges on the platform of the Chinese social media platform Weibo, but this time after the detection of both Samsung and Huawei for their phones, opt-folding.

As if the new message comes to remind the public that shawty featuring in a manner that the folding dual phone is different from the Galaxy Fold process of folding inside Huawei Mate X screen folds inwards, the video shows the process of folding the phone Shao from all sides in a smooth way to turn of the tablet device features a thin and narrow edges for small hands user.

The phone appears after the process of folding a Introduce from models of smart phones currently available in the market in a way that might distinguish it from others already but may not be positive for users in the event of its official launch as far as may be the case for the thickness of the phone in the case fold!

The police did not for a phone of its official for a moment or remember the date of the declaration or any information about the expected price, but the continuity of the information appears on the phone stating that pursuant to the announcement of the phone in the case of delivery by the final product meets the wishes of users.

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