New – updated iOS 11.3 is causing problems in the pictures!

Been two weeks almost on the launch of the updated iOS 11.3 of users, and soon some users complained of serious problems such as stop the screen from working the phones the iPhone which was replaced a screen by the maintenance centers not affiliated with Apple TV, and now spotted another problem in the photo hit some devices after update to iOS 11.3 !

من جديد: تحديث iOS 11.3 يسبب مشاكل في الصوت!

Of new: update iOS 11.3 is causing problems in the pictures!

According to the testimony of some users, they noticed the presence of chop and stutter, and irregularity in the sound when playing music or audio files through the music app the Apple Music installed on the phone or via other applications such as the application of Spotify.

Also reported by other users that sometimes, when you run the audio file has the sound stops completely or struggling, acting, and is not limited to this problem when listening to audio via the internet but also when you play the files stored on the phone excludes the hypothesis of weak Internet connection in the registry.

The more clay, but also has some that the problem hit the sound also when you make calls and also when connecting wireless headsets with the iPhone. These problems appeared after the update to iOS 11.3, this correlation time refers probably to an error in the update iOS 11.3 is causing this problem.

I don’t know the precise extent of the problem, but we monitor our dozens of complaints across the middle of the Apple official and also tweets users on Twitter, and hope that the problem is solved with iOS update 11.3.1 coming soon.

Did you encounter any problems in the pictures after update to iOS 11.3 is?! Tell us via comments

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