New update Google Chrome 74 with nice innovations for Android

In the near future Google is going to release on Android update the Chrome 74, which will add mobile browser is not just a few of the previously stated functions, but at least one unexpected innovation, which will help users easier to navigate the pages containing text in a foreign language.

Previously it was known that users can expect from Chrome on Android 74 two new improvements. The first is a recently updated Data Saver mode, now called Lite Mode. To activate the Lite Mode is exactly the same as in the previous version, causing a pop-up menu, tap the icon with three dots in the upper right part of the interface.

Now updated Lite Mode not just reduce data usage, but in addition also increases the overall speed of the Internet. When Lite Mode is enabled, it default loads a lightweight version of the page, but at the same time, studying users ‘ habits, and if the user often requests a download of the full version of a page, continue Lite Mode will load the page immediately in the full version.

Lite Mode runs automatically on every page load which takes more than five seconds, sending the URL through Google’s servers (without any personal information, cookies or other items that violate privacy) to optimize, and then sends it back to the user.

A great and unexpected addition in this update is a special optional translation function, which was previously available only in the desktop version of the browser. Selecting this option leads to the appearance of the user interface for the translation of the current page and language settings different from the default, and to set the parameters for automatic translation of the pages in the future. Now the mobile interface is the same as we are accustomed to seeing on the desktop in the upper part of the browser Chrome, but here it is placed on the bottom panel.

Previously known functions

We know that on mobile devices with the advent of Chrome 74 will now be found in a previous update that adds quick access icons to edit URLS and icons share the Omnibox. Innovation is available from any page at the touch/tap on the Omnibox.

Of course, the new version should work on security. Also, the updated browser will no longer consider the system settings on the device related to animation in web sites that support this feature. This means that users who for whatever reason have disabled the animations in Android itself, no longer see the animation on the web where it is supported.

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