New tools developed for drawing of Adobe used the techniques of augmented reality

أدوات جديدة متطورة للرسم من أدوبي تستخدم تقنيات الواقع المعزز

Adobe has announced today at its conference ” Max” to talk about the latest techniques and updates of the software from the launch tools good for drawing on smart devices using the technology of augmented reality, where the company launched a Project Aero to help in the construction of different experiences using augmented reality, in addition to Project Gemini to allow drawing using the techniques on the iPad.

Used Adobe with every tool or new application of the word project or the ” Project” to denote it, then later change it to normal to become the tools of the package service by the Cloud ” Creative Cloud” which contains various tools for its applications.

And link tool Project Aero application Adobe Dimension وPhotoshop, as the first helps in the painting business, three-dimensional, the last one is rich on definition graphics. Which prevents the user to get the experience to respond to the world in a different and more sophisticated and realistic, and the demo version of this tool available next year.

roject Gemini

The tool to Project Gemini are some of the techniques used to apply Photoshop to take advantage of them in the construction of something like the application of Solo to help in the drawing with augmented reality is easy on the iPad, the application offers a solo instrument some of the techniques Photoshop Sketch وIllustrator Draw which means giving the user an innovative experience to respond to and faster than the previous.

It can be said that those two tools would be a big leap for professionals to deal with drawing from a new perspective, and allows the use of augmented reality for drawing feature real.

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