New tests you know will not miss the card UFS promising a big lead on MicroSD cards

Samsung UFS Card

Do you remember memory cards of the UFS’s? I promised our assessment of performance much higher than MicroSD cards of the current, but this has not happened until now. Despite the fact that Samsung helped develop the new standard and design of the port to hybrid, they have not yet launched any smart phone support card UFS new. However, there was a device at the IFA exhibition 2019 showed us how the enormous speed of the memory cards UFS.

Hisense T91 is a smartphone prototype featuring a processor Snapdragon 845. Inside it, there was a tag UFS with a capacity of 1 TB, which has been undergoing some tests on the platform AndroBench 5. For comparison, the use of the phone is similar with the MicroSD card has fast sequential read up to 80 MB per second speed write 30 megabytes per second.


The results speak for themselves, the card memory UFS provides the speed of read and write sequential of 6 times. The Ram was more impressive, it was the best $ 35 vulnerable when it comes to writing random. They don’t just excel on the MicroSD card, but can also excel on the memory storage, the internal smartphones.

It’s faster than our selves eMMC which is commonly used these days in smartphones. In fact, approaching the numbers of the speed of their selves UFS 2.1 ROMs that are used in leading smartphones like modern Galaxy S10 and Huawei P30, etc. of other flagship phones.

Also note that the cards UFS on the 1 TB with the knowledge that the first MicroSD card with a capacity of 1 TB did not appear only in the month of February of this year. So, it is clear that the technology of the UFS promising and ready being supported already by Qualcomm’s processors, but decided smartphone manufacturers ignore this new standard so far.

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