New technology will allow videos much faster than all available means

For processing, rendering and video editing (if we are talking about serious projects) you need to use a variety of resource programs. For some tasks in the field of professional video, do we need a server host. But now a technology “go to the cloud”. Something like this serves to make scientists from the University of California in San Diego developing technology that will allow you to edit the video almost instantly.

As transfers the edition of EurekAlert, the new technology is called Sprocket. And the basic principle of its work consists in breaking the video into many short fragments. After that, all the pieces are distributed to thousands of dedicated servers, each of which handles a specific portion of the file. This allows to collect a huge amount of data and edit it with great speed thanks to the power remotely installed servers. As stated by George porter, one of the authors of the paper and Professor in the Department of computer science and engineering at the University of California at San Diego,

“Two hours of video can be processed in 30 seconds with the help of our system. Moreover, using other methods, you would have gone to a few tens of minutes. And the cost is quite acceptable. Before you could obtain access to the server for a few hours. Now, with the development of cloud computing, anyone can have access to thousands of servers for fractions of a second of processing information, paying just a few dollars.”

The technology uses the method of parallel computations, which also applies in its projects, Amazon, Microsoft and Google. The developers also say that the system is particularly manifests itself in searching for specific frames. For example, if you need to find a material with a specific person in a three-hour video, the algorithm will do it in a few seconds.

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