New technology in lithium-ion batteries for higher capacity in the battery with the cost of less

Revealed some of the researchers at the University of Alberta on the results of The incorporate silicon in lithium ion batteries current, which supports the capacity of 10 times more in batteries with lower cost.

Silicon lithium-ion could bring 10 times the battery capacity

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Running the development of the battery technology a lot of researchers in the recent period, particularly the development of the technology of lithium ion batteries currently used in smart phones.

In the latest research conducted in one of the universities, revealed the possibility of integration of silicon in lithium ion batteries to produce a higher capacity of the battery 10 times more without wearing the cost of production of batteries.

And the idea of the new technology batteries lithium-ion to replace the graphite used in batteries silicon, due to the high cost of pure graphite significantly up to $ 10,000 per metric ton, so the replacement of graphite in silicon will lead to lower cost to almost a third.

The work of researchers in Alberta on the development of silicon to come a better ability to blend in the technology of batteries support charging of more than once, where the team reached the researcher to the use of silicon in a smaller size up to a nanometer can support the storage of higher energy to destroy the new technique at the end of the top 10 times of the graphite.

Definitely still this technique is in the development stage and tests in the current time, however, they constitute new progress in the research and development of batteries may arrive in the future to the card technology and smart phones.


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