New sources indicate that the Galaxy S10 may get the Galaxy X and more details

Galaxy S9+

Maybe publish the masses now trying to get the stylish phone Galaxy S9 of the Korean company Samsung, only that the action takes place on foot and the leg somewhere within the secret Labs of Samsung to develop a phone the new Galaxy S10, and this is the case with electronic devices, and which are the result of years of hard work. Phone Galaxy S10 is coming.

Anyway, more and more additional sources suggest that the phone may get the Galaxy X, not the Galaxy S10, and that Samsung is still considering the possibility of changing the name of the device, where X is the synonym of the drawing 10 in Latin America, as it would be consistent with the name which was launched by Apple on its device iPhone X.

Leaves many in the technical community that a Samsung phone’s future will include a screen with black edges less than ever, and you get the ratio of screen to device structure 93%, to rights on all current devices from the company, as on the level of processing, the device will contain a processor Snapdragon 855 to be the race to it as usual, and it is likely that the production of this processor size of 7 Nm, to shift the real from the current level of performance and energy consumption.

In terms of RAM, it work, Samsung use memory random new LPDDR5, which was supposed to provide a higher performance by 10% for current, as you may come to a size 6 and 8 GB. If we talk about the camera, the phone will be able to shoot video in 4K and at 60 frames.

Of course, there are many of speculation behind this phone at the current time, and we still have a lot of time before we get any real information about it.

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