New smart phones at CES 2019

Ended yesterday, the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2019, which is a trade show held every year in January in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America. The Association of makers of consumer electronics. And is considered one of the top 3 shows for electronic devices in the world and most importantly in America. Where are displayed the latest products by thousands of companies. Usually associated with the launch of mobile phones and advertise your new in the World Conference phones (MWC) is the largest conference in the world to announce a new corporate communications and its phones and tablet devices. And mostly they are holding this conference in Barcelona in the month of February of each year. But that didn’t stop some companies phones to reveal its phones new at CES, which we use in this article.

جديد الهواتف الذكية في معرض CES 2019

Didn’t Apple attend the formal on the battlefield, but there was some advertising of other companies don’t link my future with Apple and their systems. As stated in an news on the sidelines last Thursday, Apple announced that the service AirPlay will be available on smart TVs for some companies, chiefly Samsung and Sony and LG and Vizio, here’s a list of TV TVs smart supported:

For phones, it has mentioned some reports earlier that Samsung has Phone Galaxy S10 at CES this year, they also stated that LG might know her phone rollaway. But none of that happened. Certainly been display phones of all categories and since she didn’t much like last year we’ll give her the whole in some detail.

My phone Alcatel 1C and 1X

The company introduced the TCL Chinese of two smart phones under the brand Alcatel. Is considered phone Alcatel 1C phones category below medium it is sold almost at the price of $ 80 in emerging markets. The phone came with a screen of 4.9 inches, cache 1 GB, and storage memory 8 GB, battery 2000 mAh and it works only on third generation networks.

The phone Alcatel 1X contains a larger screen size of 5.5 inches, memory random 2 GB, storage 16 GB. Camera background basic double 12 megapixel and secondary 2 megapixel. A battery of 3000 mAh and supports networks of the fourth generation, will be sold at a price of $ 137 approx.

Will be the launch of both phones later this year.

Phones Rokit

Company Rokit is a company smartphones new. For the first time have a presence at the CES conference was partially funded by the billionaire John Paul Diggory. Where the feet have five phones running Android, all phones medium possibilities and also affordable.

Two of these phones are running Android but without Google Play Store web phone Rokit One at the price of only $ 35, and comes with pre-installed apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook. And contains a small screen size 2.45 inches, supports networks of the second generation only.

The other phone is Rokit F-One is telephone-type Flip composed of two parts sold at a price of $ 40. And Android Go the branching of Android 8.1 Oreo. The phone also comes without the Play Store, as it supports third generation networks only.

And phones Rokit the other three phones that contain the Android system ore in addition to the Google Play Store and the cost of Rokit IO Light the price is $ 90 and has a 5-inch screen and supports the second generation only.

While the phone Rokit IO 3D is the most developed with a three-dimensional display compared to 5.45 inches and the support networks of the fourth generation, led by $ 170. Telephone Rokit IO 3D Pro with a three-dimensional display also the size of 6 inches and support networks of the fourth generation, led by $ 275. Yes, as I read the 3D screen allows viewing images and videos the impact of three-dimensional without the need for glasses custom. This is in addition to the possibility of capturing three-dimensional images.

Why does the company disclose the specifications of the device such as the processor and the cameras must have kept something a secret will at the time of the launch of the official phone. The company says that these phones are all equipped with a camera background of the double lens. This is in addition to the company introduced other services are grouped such as WiFi connections are international and free, and medical consultations to remote free for a year, along with legal services and others. Will sell those phones in the United States by the website but why is the announcement of its launch date.

Phone Hisense U30

Company Hisense is a Chinese company famous for the production of large screen televisions than phones. The company announced its new phone Hisense U30 at CES with a distinctive and interesting. Where the phone has a large screen size of 6.3 inches, with front camera accurately 20-megapixel a hole in the top of the screen. Equipped with a camera double main 48 megapixel secondary camera at a resolution of 5 megapixel. The phone comes with a processor Snapdragon 675, and the random 6 or 8 GB, and storage memory 128 GB, big battery firmly 4500 mAh. Phone will be launched in next March in China, Russia and parts of Europe, and is unlikely to sell it in the United States of America, as reported.

Phone Nubia Red Magic Mars

ZTE Corporation today announced rich from the definition, about this phone in late 2018, was introduced in CES 2019, the police confirmed that this phone dedicated for gaming will be for sale in the United States on January 31, the beginning price of $ 399 through its official website. The phone has a screen size of 6 inch high clarity and precision, and equipped with a processor Snapdragon 845, battery strongly 3800 mAh. It will come in three models, one memory random 6 GB and the memory storage of 64 GB. And another has a memory random 8 GB and storage space of 128 GB. And last comes the memory of a random 10 GB! The memory storage of 256 GB. Comes with phones catalysts shoulder special games.

Phone Royole FlexPai

Been advertising for a phone Royole FlexPai for the first time in late 2018 by the company Royole Chinese. But the company has introduced the model ready for market at CES. This is phone is the first smart phone foldable displays for sale ahead of giant companies like Samsung and LG . The phone comes with a screen type AMOLED 1440p size 7.8 inch folding. Works one faces when folded as a primary and the other secondary, each about 4 inches. The interval between screens or so-called spine flexible as the third small view notifications. Starting price of this phone of the price of 1291 approximately $ capacity of 6 GB RAM and storage memory 128, and ending at 1864 $ almost for with 8 GB RAM and 512 of storage capacity.

Phone Samsung 5G phone prototype

Samsung made a prototype phone that works with 5G at CES. But no one’s been able found on its properties has been introduced by Samsung in a sealed box on the wall.

This was the news and announcements of the major smartphones that was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2019. It has been share of the smart phones slightly compared to last year. One has only to wait for the Barcelona fair, to be held next month, maybe it result in something new and exciting.

Any phones that I liked in that list? And do you see the future of these Chinese companies ups? Tell us in the comments.



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