New scandal: cryptocommunist require to delete the account of Bitcoin Twitter

Drama around Craig Wright and his aggressive behavior relative to other members of cryptocommunist is still ongoing. However, now Twitter broke a new scandal. This time the focus was account @Bitcoin, which is not often noticed the active promotion of the fork Bitcoin Cash.

Many cryptomnesia I think it is unfair harmful use of the name “Bitcoin” for the purpose of advertising a completely different project. The hype is quickly joined by the CEO of Twitter and was an active supporter of the original Bitcoin and Jack Dorsey. Users insist that the very existence of @Bitcoin violates the terms of use.

Who is to blame for what is happening?

Account again can be subject to sanctions, as its anonymous owner accused of selling account. Recall that this is contrary to the terms of use of Twitter. Platform founder Jack Dorsey has not yet decided what to do with @Bitcoin, and even asked advice from a representative of cryptocommunist.

Source: Twitter

The scandal has divided cryptoendoliths into two camps — one is actively in favor of the banks account, while others maintain its anonymous owner. The latter also argue that the account no one sold, so to ban it would be unfair.

Whale Panda believes the restriction is @Bitcoin a necessary measure.

The account @Bitcoin should be banned, as happened with the account @internet. Account has been sold, in contravention of the terms of use of Twitter. @Bitcoin takes an active part in the mass deception of people.

The anonymous author found the answer.

Last week: “How people in General can make @hodlonaut to shut up? It is against the spirit of cryptocurrency!”

This week: “@jack, please ban @Bitcoin! We can not miss a deaf ear to his message!

And yet, 55 percent of users voted for the ban account. The vote was held on the Jimmy page song.

Source: Twitter

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