New reports suggest the advent of the Galaxy Note 9 with 512GB of memory storage

Galaxy Note 8

All the smart phones available in the market today almost come to a maximum with 256GB of internal memory. Of course, you can expand the storage in these phones via external memory card MicroSD, but we point out at the outset to the storage capacity of the original. However, there are Galaxy Note 9 The Next will be this rule will come already with 512GB of internal memory.

We’ve been hearing this rumor for a while, but it seems that there is evidence that this is true. This according to some tweets that you know the menus of the alleged phone which remember that it will have 512GB of internal memory, while the tweets the other says that the 512GB version of the phone Galaxy Note 9 will be limited to certain markets such as Korea and China.

Difficult to know whether these allegations are true, but it should be noted that in the month of December last year, Samsung announced that it started in the production of memory chips amounting to a capacity of 512GB. We’re not sure why the lack of access to phones Galaxy S9 on this amount of memory storage, it might be too late in the development cycle, but we wouldn’t be surprised if you take advantage Samsung that the ability of this capacity then the mega with the Galaxy Note 9.

Anyway, please deal with the content of this report with the least amount of protection, but if you feel that 256GB of memory storage and a few for you, it is possible to travel phone Galaxy Note 9 in it.


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