New reports say that sales of Apple HomePod lower than the expectations of Apple

Apple HomePod 2

Entered the Apple into the market of smart speakers in the late perfectly with the smart speaker Apple HomePod due to the presence of many competitors established from the likes of Amazon and Google. The Apple marketing speaker smart on that speaker a refined dining experience, a voice more distinctive than the speakers of other smart, but maybe that wasn’t enough to persuade customers to spend 349$ on it. Says a new report that sales of Apple HomePod not up to the expectations of Apple.

The report from the website of Bloomberg says that sales of Apple HomePod was not as she had expected Apple. He pointed the staff at the Apple stores, sources close to the Supplier companies, and industry in the report to the multiple factors behind the sluggish sales speaker smartphone Apple HomePod, including entering late into the market, and the relatively high price, limited capacity for the digital assistant Siri on the Apple device HomePod.

I suggested some of the reports that Apple is now making more efforts to improve the intelligence of artificial intelligence to enhance the capabilities of the digital assistant Siri. This may lead to bringing more improvements for speaker smartphone Apple HomePod, which some consider as a supplement is expensive for a phone iPhone instead of a separate device can be considered a real Competitor for the voice of the other.

Wales was also in on the price that is 349$ for the slow sales of the smart speaker Apple HomePod, but is unlikely to lead Apple to reduce the price to sell more units. This is not a strategy adopted by Apple to sell more units of its devices.



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