New record for”Huawei” in the number of shipments of smartphones, has sold more than 200 million units in 2018

Group announced the Huawei the work of the consumer Huawei for achieving a new record in the number of shipments of smart phones by 2018, which amounted to more than 200 million units have been shipped to world markets, thanks in realizing this new achievement to the trust and support of consumers and partners of Huawei around the world, this in addition to the advantages and capabilities of Huawei phones smartphones that include all of the series Mate 20 وP20 phones Honor 10. Included Huawei shipments of 200 million units on devices Honor that have contributed to this big dance.

Mr. “Richard Day,” Group Chief Executive Officer of Huawei to the work of the consumer, saying: “for me the future, will focus group Huawei the work of the consumer on the concept of its work which is based on the consumer, we will continue to invent new products, we will make every effort to become the pioneers of the use of the next revolution of smart phones, we would also provide new value to consumers, to provide more benefits that help consumers enjoy more in their lives, and this makes Huawei a preferred brand among consumers around the world.”

Achieved series Huawei P20 breakthrough in the concept of photography on smartphones, where it demonstrated the power it is able to provide the experience of photographing a professional and distinct with the design of the phone is thin and stylish. How to design elegant series P20, admired a lot of women users. Since the launch of the series P20 in March last, exceeded global shipments of 16 million units, so that half of this figure was almost among the women users.

Follow the chain of Mate 20 the same new approach to the series Mate of the famous that feature the standards of advanced technology. In just two months of the launch of a series Mate 20, the Huawei has shipped more than 5 million units of the series Mate 20 only markets world. Enjoy the series Mate 20 chip Kirin 980, the latest powerful chip designed by Huawei in its history, which comes core powerful type A76+G76, these components provide the safety of Mate 20 to provide more efficiency in energy use and the experience of using the series Fast, and that’s what makes the phone smarter.

Marked series Huawei phones Nova as specifically designed for Class users to the network thanks to the exterior design, stunning in addition to the visual elements of innovative Enjoy series phones.

By the end of 2018, worked Huawei has sold more than 65 million units of the series Nova on world markets, and this makes Huawei the top series Nova in the category of phones available. As a result of the bold colours and attractive series Nova 3 camera system selfie innovative power has become a months phones selfies in 2018. Also Nova 4 enhances the methodology of peace in the innovative advantages such as a full screen slideshow that feature a hole integrated camera selfie.

During the eight years previous, and continued to set Huawei the work of the consumer in promoting the concept of “the consumer is the pillar of our work” and the use of innovation to deliver real value to their customers. I believe the police in many areas of innovation, technology, competitive famous in the industry which include export, battery life, communication and artificial intelligence AI. And that’s why she earned the innovations of Huawei to impress consumers around the world.

And important thing is that smart phones are the link between the physical world and virtual, and will play this role, in addition to conservation and protection of more and more information. So I believe Huawei to security and privacy of its users is no less important for the design of differentiated products: has Huawei the confidence of consumers around the world.

I’ve put Huawei the issue of privacy protection by its business interests, basic in accordance with (the general principles of privacy accepted) (else GAPP showing the utmost) a technique privacy the most stringent in the world, in addition to all your texts and regulation General Data Protection European Union(GDPR). Application Huawei is also the criteria of the privacy design principles through all stages of manufacturing, design and research services, and insurance. As the Huawei-built ARM chips with the system key and the system Google Android basic to enhance the security of both devices and users.

During the past eight years, increased shipments of Huawei smartphones than 3 million phones in 2010 to 200 million phones in 2018, reflecting a growth of up to sixty-six times. Transformed Huawei from a company is classified into one of the best 3 players in the global smart phone market. In the second and third quarters of 2018, Huawei has become the second largest smartphones in the world, with a market share global reach of 14.6%.

At the present time, comprising a customer base of Huawei more than 500 million users identity, its smart in more than 170 countries around the world. According to a report by IPSOS, one of the research institutions leading in this field, I’ve become a sign of Huawei’s business is linked to the idea of continuity in the progress made by the force on innovation and trust in the eyes of the base of their consumers global.

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