New problems appeared as soon as the group of Galaxy S10 relating to touch and the battery

According to the publication appeared on the website Reddit and forum Samsung U. S, it has brought some users to the group Galaxy S10 of the existence of the problem among the problems related to touch-enabled, with WordPress it does not work properly.

Is the defect contained by touch in the function of the “ban the touches of the unintended” which is supposed to close the screen when the phone is in a dark place, such as the user’s pocket or bag.

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Galaxy S10

As mentioned, the problem arising from it has led to make phone calls unintended by the proximity sensor, the company, as noted by the users is also he is writing letters, numbers and symbols randomly, in addition to he is taking screen shots, opening apps and even unlock the scout while the phone is in pocket and bag.

Added some users they may they feel their phones vibrating in their pockets, they also noted that the phones heats too much and battery drain is fast.

Despite the fact that Samsung product to the U. S aware of this problem, but he did not respond to it until now, but it seems that Samsung is working on a new update to solve all these problems.


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