New models of iPad Mini and iPad 9.7 will be released in the next year, according to a new report

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The launch of the latest model of the iPad Mini in the year 2015, with the launch of the Apple for the new models of the iPad Pro earlier this year, it looked like the police forgot all about the tablet little. However, it seems that Apple didn’t completely forget to have your iPad Mini, at least according to a new report released recently from China.

The report from the website of China Times reported that the latter got the inside information of your iPad Mini 5. According to the report, it seems that this tablet will enter mass production stage at any moment now, which refers to the possibility that is announced this tablet at the time of the Speaker very next year.

Regardless of your iPad Mini 5, has hinted this report further suggests that Apple is working on a new model of the iPad 9.7. And, apparently, will feature this new model’s slightly larger screen size of 10 inches with a slim frame, this in turn means that Apple will replace the sensor of the fingerprint Touch ID with facial recognition Face ID.

Regardless of the technical specifications, he reported the Chinese press that it should be up this tablet sometime during the first half of next year.


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