New metrics of Bitcoins. When cryptocurrency will rise to 50 thousand dollars?

There are a lot more ways to predict the future market value of Bitcointhan a simple technical analysis or monitoring network activity. Thanks to the efforts of researchers Willie Wu and David Puella there is a new experimental valuation metrics of the market. From cryptocurrencies not so long history — Bitcoin only ten years old. But even this time period was sufficient to effectively identify the tops and bottom of market cycles mad coins. Help metric Top Cap Delta and Cap.

Cap Delta (Delta capitalization)

Proposed Puellam metric, which successfully displayed the bearish markets 2011 and 2015. It is calculated in the following way.

Delta capitalization = Realized market capitalization – Average capitalization;
Implemented capitalization = sum of UTXO with a rated price based on the market price of BTCUSD at the time of the last move;
The average capitalisation = the total amount of the daily market capitalization / market age in days.

Source: Coindesk

Delta capitalization almost repeated long-term moving average that is responsible for levels support and resistance. Both developments demonstrate the support price is about 2.5 dollar at lowest level in 2011 and $ 176 in 2015.

As you can see above, after each contact of a moving average with a Delta Bitcoin goes on another uptrend. According to Delta, now Bitcoin again tried to touch the bottom – this is evidenced by a drop to $ 3,200 in 2018.

This time the situation is slightly different, adelite at the time of writing is $ 1,600 above the moving average. So they again touched each other, or moving average, you need to get the missing digit, or Delta to fall.

Top Cap (top cap)

Source: Coindesk

This figure is the opposite of the Delta. It is designed to detect explosive highs for Bitcoin.

Top capitalisation = the Average market capitalization * 35

According to that is a multiple of 35 was identified during the historical mapping of the vertices of Bitcoin. This metric is also reminiscent of the moving average and in fact has shown resistance at $ 35 in 2011, 237 in 2013, and then about $ 1,000 in the same year. All of these marks were the actual top of the market, followed by the albeit temporary but significant decline. At the end of 2017 Bitcoin once again reached the top capitalization at nearly 20 thousand dollars.

Source: Coindesk

If we impose both metrics on one chart, it formed “an evaluation of Bolliger strip”, which you can just about imagine the future market movement Bitcoin. At the same time as the researchers note, the next peak capitalization of BTC at the next bullrun have on the price level in 48 724 dollars.

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