New leaks won’t be the phone Moto Z3 Play in the protective coverings


Most of the flagship smartphones for the first half of this year appeared, but Motorola didn’t reveal to us yet about the phone is its flagship for the year. However, the phone Moto Z3 Play just appeared in a set of images that won’t be Protective Covers specifically designed for this device.

Judging from these pictures, it is clear to us that the second generation of phones Moto Z Series will retain the design customizable. The change here is to change the position of the sensor fingerprint to the right side, this is probably due to the company’s desire to free up more space for the people through the removal of the main button the actual which generally comprises a sensor fingerprint.


In fact, a forward, will phone Moto Z3 Play a single camera, while will put two cameras in the solutions found in the rear along with dual LED flash. For the unit responsible for connecting the call between the phone and External Relations, they are becoming wider as compared with a unit located in series phones Moto Z Series and Moto Z2 Series.

Since it has now been transferred sensor the fingerprint to the right side bottom of the control buttons accidentally, has now been moved power button to the left side. Change now which came with the phone Moto Z3 Play is the loss of the port headphones 3.5 mm. And protective coverings displayed in the picture includes only one cut in the bottom for the USB Type-C.



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