New leaks won’t be the design of the phone LG G8 ThinQ from different angles


Expected to be a formal unveiling of LG phone G8 ThinQ at the Mobile World Congress MWC 2019 to be held in late next month in Barcelona, Spain. And even then, we’ve got some leaks related to this phone in the past which know not how it will look this phone, but the pictures that we got today from the XDA Developers forum Developers know will not Phone LG G8 ThinQ from different angles, stresses us as well the validity of the leaks that we’ve had in the past, so the rumors appear to be consistent at least.

As you can see in the picture above, the phone LG G8 ThinQ won’t be much different from phone LG G7 ThinQ in terms of design, it’s the other will come with a screen long feature piece in the top middle section to contain the front-facing camera earpiece and the rest of the sensors and other necessary. Furthermore, it includes a framework to set a bit in the bottom of the screen it has two cameras just in the backend to note that the LG phone V40 ThinQ latest from the LG company has arrived with three cameras at the back.

The interesting thing more is that the company LG decided LG phone G8 ThinQ the New continue to include sensor fingerprint in the backend and embed the sensor in the screen note that most companies now include sensor fingerprint in the screen of the smart phones leading, including Samsung, which has decided to adopt this solution in the series phones Galaxy S10 Series, at least in accordance with the arrangements we have obtained in the past period.

And, apparently, LG will focus on her phone, the new flagship to promote the specification of the technical procedure, and enhance the software in the phone, as well as improving the performance of the cameras. Overall, these are just leaks, so there is no certainty that this is the final design of the phone LG G8 ThinQ despite the fact that it usually leaks OnLeaks right.

Regardless of the phone LG G8 ThinQ, we have heard also recently that the company LG plans to unveil a smart phone folding at the Mobile World Congress MWC 2019 to be held in late February in Barcelona, Spain. This phone won’t be featuring a flexible screen like the Galaxy F of Samsung. According to the representative of the company, it would be similar to Phone ZTE Axon M of ZTE Corporation, but with the framework of the thinnest, making the two regret need to form a single large screen. The reason behind the use of this solution instead of the flexible screen is price, LG want to make this phone costs less than $ 900 USD, instead of creating a phone cost about 1800 USD.


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