New leaks won’t be phones Galaxy S10 and +Galaxy S10 from different angles


Still have to wait about a month before we see Samsung unveiling officially series phones Galaxy S10 Series new, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t get more leaks related to this phone. And speaking of that, we got today on leaked images of the new shows us how will be the design of the two phones Galaxy S10 and +Galaxy S10 from different angles.

The first thing we noticed in these the prototypes of the two phones Galaxy S10 and +Galaxy S10 is a frame surrounding the police, which seems a little larger than that embodied in the computer that we got in recently, but that was expected. These images confirm to us also that the phone +Galaxy S10 will have a larger screen and two cameras in the hole in the top-right corner of the screen. Yes, among other things, the most interesting that we observed in these pictures is hold both phones port headphones 3.5 mm, which is extremely important for many people.

When it comes to designing the backend for each of the Galaxy S10 and +Galaxy S10, it is reminiscent of phone Galaxy Note 9, but while the latter came with two cameras only, there are two Galaxy S10 and +Galaxy S10 will come with three cameras, as they will dispose of the sensor fingerprints in the backend due to the transfer to the screen. Generally, you can take a look at these leaked images of the new realism below :

Returning to the previous leaks, it seems that women are the finest of the phone +Galaxy S10 will be 1600 euros in Europe note that this version will have up to 12GB of RAM, as well as up to 1 TB of internal memory. In case if you don’t want to get all of this, you’ll be able to get the basic version, which include 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory compared to 1050 euros, that in the case if you live in Europe.


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