New leaks won’t be a preliminary design of another phone iPhone XI Max


Was in last week’s deployment of computer images you know won’t three-dimensional model it is reported that Khalifa phone iPhone XS Max which will be released in the second half of this year with the knowledge that this phone showed up with three cameras in the cell in the unit square. However, it turns out later that the design is not the final design of the phone iPhone XI Max, but it is a complex design in one of the prototypes chosen by Apple is currently in the research and development laboratories.

Having said that, we are here now with new leaks won’t be a new design for a prototype another iPhone XI Max. As you notice, this phone appears with the screen bezel thinner and cut smaller at the Middle top of the screen. Most importantly is that this phone has three cameras in the back in a horizontal position note that the existing camera in the middle surrounded by LED flash. However, this phone is not much different from the iPhone XS current in terms of design, it still boasts a button in the right control buttons as in the left-bottom button of the notification.

Unfortunately, these images do not reveal to us whether the next generation of iPhone will have USB Type-C instead of Lightning. And, of course, depends on Apple doing a lot of work in case if I want to get the iPhone and a larger number of sales by the end of this year.

Returning to images that have been leaked, we don’t know whether the photos that we got last week concerning phone iPhone XI or iPhone XI Max, or whether it belonged to both of us so you can be previous images belong to the phone iPhone XI, while the specific images of the new phone iPhone XI Max or vice versa. However, we have heard in the past that the successor iPhone XS will have two cameras just in the background, while Will Khalifa iPhone XS Max three cameras at the back. Thus, these images can allude to the fact that Apple choose more of design for Khalifa iPhone XS Max.

Overall, these are just leaks, so better handle it with the least amount of protection, especially if we know that he is still in front of the Apple a lot of time prior to the final design the identity of their next smart.


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