New leaks reveal us about the design and specifications of the phone the Google Pixel 3 Lite


Before you google the announcement of the two phones the Google Pixel 3 and the Google Pixel 3XL, there was a rumor that the Google company doesn’t plan to launch two phones only during this year, but plans to launch three smart phones. However, the company Google eventually detects phones Google Pixel 3 and the Google Pixel 3 XL only, but the photo realism that was leaked today saying that Google are already planning to launch three smart phones this year.

According to the publication on the city the Russian Rozetked, appears to be the latter managed to get the women low-cost phone the Google Pixel 3. It seems that these women carry the code name ” Sargo”, which was spotted recently in the source code to develop ARCore.


According to the information that was leaked, it seems that the phone the Google Pixel 3 Lite will feature technical specification medium includes a screen size of 5.56 inches and accurately +FullHD, processor and eight-core of the category of Snapdragon 670, and the random size of 4GB, and internal memory size of 32GB, battery with a capacity of 2915mAh, as well as a front camera accurately 8 megapixels and background accurately 12 megapixels. Moreover, this phone works already Android 9 Pie.

As explained by the site Android Police, most of the smart phones that include a processor Snapdragon 670 is being launched in Asia, so there’s a chance that is not the launch phone the Google Pixel 3 Lite in Western countries such as the great United States of America.


Generally, please handle with all that has been said so far with the least amount of protection, but given that Google is very interested in emerging markets, there’s a chance that the company is designing a smart phone carries its own brand specifically for this market.



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