New leaks reveal the level of pricing is high for Galaxy S10 Plus

New details about the level of pricing of the Galaxy S10 to be unveiled within days, where the detection of the level of pricing is high in the Galaxy S10 Plus a greater version in the series of phones associated.


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Beyond the price of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus expectations and leaks revealed so far, where the new leaks that this version will beat the price of $ 1000 when it was launched to the market, to be the most expensive in the versions of Samsung phones until now.

And recent leaks suggest that the Galaxy S10 Plus will be available in most of the model users, as Will the pricing of the phone model to another, up at the top of the model to the price of $ 1500.

As pointed out by Evan Blass leaks his recent to to model the possible design of the black ceramic or white will be the highest price, which includes Ram 12 GB RAM, with a storage capacity of 1 TB, which is confirmed by leaks published from China the price of the phone.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung is offering the new versions of smart phones at lower prices in China the level of pricing that applies to phones in the markets of the world, so May the price of Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus to some extent about the price of $ 1500 presented to users in China.


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